How can I build the following LINQ query with the Dynamic Linq library (System.Linq.Dynamic)?

var roles = rolesCollection.Where(r => r.AssignedUsers.Where(u => u.Name.FirstName == "Patrick").Count() > 0);

rolesCollection and AssignedUsers are collections which implement the IEnumerable interface.

I was thinking about doing something like this:

rolesCollection.Where("AssignedUsers.Where(\"Name.FirstName == 'Patrick'\").Count() > 0");

But that doesn't work. A ParseException with the message "No applicable aggregate method 'Where' exists" is thrown.

Thanks in advance.


Try this:

    .Where("AssignedUsers.Where(Name.FirstName == \"Patrick\").Any()");


var userName = "Patrick";
    .Where("AssignedUsers.Where(Name.FirstName == @0).Any()", userName);
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