I have written a camera app in android and I have tested it on two android phones, on one phone the auto-exposure works well when previewing but on the other phone it doesn't work at all. The first phone only works when I call the autoFocus() method. On the latter phone, the build-in app's auto-exposure works but not my code. Is there any method that can start use the auto-exposure manually?

  • do you want to control auto exposure or auto focus? – philx_x Oct 23 '14 at 15:25

Check Camera class

Camera.Parameters   getParameters()

and check these two methods in Camera.Parameters class

int getExposureCompensation()

Gets the current exposure compensation index.

float   getExposureCompensationStep()

Gets the exposure compensation step.

You should check the capabilities of camera of the phone before assuming existence of certain function

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