I am a user of hudson. I recently moved to jenkins. I know hudson does not support clustering of servers. Does jenkins provide that. Also elaborate things a little as I am new to this. Thanks in Advance.

  • Do you mean, having multiple build servers, or having multiple primary servers that can fail over if one goes down? – dsolimano Apr 25 '12 at 15:01

If by clustering you mean having a single web interface and many workers behind, yes Jenkins (like Hudson from which Jenkins is forked) support it and it's called Distributed Builds. It allows you to run jobs on differents workers called slaves.

See the Distributed Builds page on the Jenkins Wiki.

  • However - it is worth noting that all data archived, and all log data from builds as well as web interactions (including API for the SOA bits) go via the master server - and this can not be clustered. – Danny Staple Apr 12 '13 at 16:00

OS Jenkins does not support clustering.

Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise has HA support using active and stand-by Jenkins masters.



Jenkins is fairly close to Hudson, feature-wise. Jenkins project forked off Hudson around 18 months ago and the basic architecture is still the same. So, even without knowing exactly what you mean by clustering, I am confident Jenkins does not support clustering if you say Hudson does not support it.

I have heard rumors there is work going on to make Jenkins have some high-availability features, but that is all I know. No idea what exactly that means or how is it implemented.

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