I want to preload multiple audio files. To do this, I tried to create multiple Audio elements in JavaScript.

function loadAudio(){
    audio1 = new Audio();
    audio1.addEventListener('canplaythrough', isLoaded, false);
    audio1.src = 'assets/audio/Maid with the Flaxen Hair.mp3';

function isLoaded(){
    audio1.removeEventListener('canplaythrough', isAppLoaded);

alert('start audio 2');
audio2 = new Audio();
audio2.addEventListener('canplaythrough', isLoaded2, false);
audio2.src = 'assets/audio/Kalimba.mp3';

function isLoaded2(){

I only get the first alert, the second one never works.

I found that I can only play one sound at a time, but can I also only load one? Does the script need another user input for every new Audio object I create? Or does anyone have another way to create a preloader for audio?


this could have to do with the limitations on autoplaying (and, as far as i know autoloading) audiofiles on ios-devices (see here: Limitations of HTML5 Audio on iOS 4?).

In short: You cannot programmatically start audio-playback on ios devices, this is only allowed from within event-handlers for trusted (=initiated by the user) events.


Yo can play multiple audio on IOS device using following way

                        alert("audio clicked");
                        var aud=new Audio();
                        var aud1=new Audio();

The above code play multiple audio on device

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