I need to extend SonataUser to set a field called isAdmin to true when a user is being created from the backend. I have different User groups for ADMIN => (can create admin users and perform CRUD on other entities) and STAFF => (can perform CRUD on other entities). Customers register from the frontend.

Both backend_users (STAFF) and customers are instances of the User entity, which extends SonataUser.

Till now I was using the default User and Group Admin classes. Here is how my app/config/config.yml looked

                label: Users
                items: [ sonata.user.admin.user ]
                label: Groups
                items: [sonata.user.admin.group]

It worked fine for me.

Now I needed to customize the default implementation so I copied the code from Sonata/UserBundle/User/BaseUser.php to <my namespace>/AdminBundle/Admin/BackendUser.php I created the new service and mapped it in config.yml

                label: Users
                items: [ gd_admin.backend_user ]
                label: Groups
                items: [sonata.user.admin.group]

    gd_admin.backend_user.class: GD\AdminBundle\Admin\BackendUserAdmin
        class: %gd_admin.backend_user.class%
            - { name: sonata.admin, manager_type: orm, label: Backend User } 
        arguments: [null, GD\AdminBundle\Entity\User, null]
        # NOTE: No group defined in tags

Earlier I had granted the following roles my ADMIN Group:

Now they are:

When I log into my admin/dashboard I am able to see the BackendUser in Admin Dashboard widget. But when I click on the "List" or "Add new" I get a 403: Access Denied Exception.

Where am I going wrong?

Thanks, Amit


I don't think you have to mess around with the BaseUser class from the sonata user bundle.

Instead you could create a new admin crud in your own bundle based on the sonata user admin crud (Sonata\UserBundle\Admin\Document\UserAdmin) and extend it with a prePersist() method to set isAdmin to true:

public function prePersist($object)

prePersist is actually a hook that is called before persisting a new entity.

  • umm... sorry that was an absent minded typo. I had put the the UserAdmin.php contents within my GDAdmin/BackendUserAdmin.php . The prePersist won't work because the event will also trigger when a user is being created from the site frontend. Therefore I am manually setting the flag to true within the BackendUserAdminController. – Amit May 23 '12 at 5:45
  • The problem is with passing my service id - gd_admin.backend_user. If I replace 'sonata.user.admin.user' with 'gd_admin.backend_user' in the bundle's /Resources/Config/admin_orm.xml - everything works fine. I want to know, how do I pass this service ID across? – Amit May 23 '12 at 5:52

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