I used ActiveRecord::Base.set_table_name to set my table name on a dynamically created ActiveRecord class. Now I need to know how to get that value later. The api docs don't mention anything on how to do this. Also, I can't derive the table name off the ActiveRecord class name because they are keyed differently than the table name.

Here is a better example of what I am doing

table_klass = Class.new(ActiveRecord::Base)
    app = @app
    table_klass.class_eval do
      after_save do
        @@channel.push self
      set_table_name t.server_table
        :adapter  => "mysql2",
        :host     => app.db_host,
        :username => app.db_user,
        :password => app.db_pass,
        :database => app.db_name

In this case, if the const_name = Test and the database name is Database it should create a class of ActiveRecord::Base::DatabaseTest, which it does. But when I call table_name on it I get undefined local variable or method. Do I need to call table_name on the class?

Update: I got it working by calling instance.class.table_name


Have you tried table_name? Docs.

  • I have tried this, it says undefined method. I should be a little clearer. I am metaprogramming the creation of this class. I am adding a clearer example to my question – MobileOverlord Apr 26 '12 at 14:32
  • Ah, sorry, I'm a bit out of my depth with that much meta. All I can tell you is that table_name is a class method on ActiveRecord::Base (and hence its derived classes), gained from ActiveRecord::ModelSchema::ClassMethods. – Chowlett Apr 26 '12 at 14:49
  • Rails comes through with the principle of least astonishment once again. – Jason Swett Jun 1 at 0:04

Late to the party.

I used the following rails code:

my_record = Record.id(0) # hypothetical code
table_name = my_record.class.table_name
  • Late, but it is working! – Sergio Belevskij Apr 10 '16 at 3:45
  • why not just Record.table_name as other answers suggested? :thumbdown: – akostadinov Sep 19 '16 at 20:25
class User < ActiveRecord::Base

# 'users'

I think there is more elegant way , but the simplest solution is eval

my_class_name = "MyNewARClass"
my_class_table_name = "MyDatabase"
eval %{
    class #{my_class_name} < ActiveRecord::Base
         self.table_name = "#{my_class_table_name}" 


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