I want to implement JAXB for the Test class, I find that if variables are final, is it not possible to inject JAXB? Will XmlAdapter help in this case?

public class Test implements Serializable {
    private final int limit;
    private Map<String, Object> results;
    private final Sub sub;

    @XmlElementWrapper(name = "item") //tried with this also,but not successfull
    private final List<Item> item; 

    public Test(final Sub sub, final List<Item> item, final int limit) {
            this(pattern, results, 0, limit, offset);

public class Item implements Serializable {
    private Base base;// Interface

    public Item(final Base base) {
        this.base = base;

private final List<Item> item; is iterating Item class which also has an interface Base, if I want to implement xmlAdapter I need to do it fot Item and Test?

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