I am using JQuery validation for registration form in Cakephp.

required(validate[required]) is the only validation working. Others (like Minimum field size, Confirm password etc.) do not work.

I have added following jQuery files:

echo $this->Html->script(array('jquery.validationEngine', 'jquery.validationEngine-en'));
echo $this->Html->css('validationEngine.jquery');
echo $javascript->codeBlock('jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#regId").validationEngine(); });');
echo $this->Html->script(array('jquery.min', 'ddaccordion', 'edit_ddaccordion'));
  • Did you know that you only have to write jQuery in its long form once? By wrapping your code in (function($) { .... })(jQuery);, you can use $ no matter if noConflict has been used or not. – ThiefMaster Apr 26 '12 at 21:18
  • Thanks Farray, I have used $, but i didn't get any solution. FYI, Input tag are: <?php echo $this->Form->input('User.password', array("label" => false, 'div' => false, 'class' => 'validate[required] inpt_lft wdt200', 'id' => 'password', 'type' => 'password')); ?> <?php echo $this->Form->input('User.cfpassword', array("label" => false, 'div' => false, 'class' => 'validate[required,equals[password]] inpt_lft wdt200', 'id' => 'cfpassword', 'type' => 'password')); ?> here equals[password ] is not working – vin Apr 26 '12 at 21:33

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