The default icon of any macro, whether you add it to the Quick Access Toolbar or to the Ribbon, looks like this: Macro icon. Is there a way to change it before assigning it to a button? Maybe by editing the customUI.xml inside the Add-in's .xlam file (after renaming it to a .zip file)? customUI.xml allows you to choose amongst 2400 hidden icons which aren't visible in Excel's options, that's what make this file interesting (more info here and here).

Note that I don't want to change the default macro icon, only my macro's default icon in order to differentiate it from the others.



in Excel 2010 you need to go to File ->

and do the followingmacro

  • Hi, Pynner. This I know, but the Rename button only allows you to choose among a small portion of the available icons. Using customUI.xml, you can specify an icon among 2400 icons which aren't visible in the "Rename" dialog, but I don't know how to specify a macro's default icon using this file.
    – Cutter
    Apr 27 '12 at 7:18
  • Also, I want to change the macro's default icon, not the button's icon. It would be a suggested icon that the user could change if he wants to.
    – Cutter
    Apr 27 '12 at 7:32

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