TLDR; How to open a magnet link like "magnet:?xt=blablablabl" with the default application on java

I'm working on a application that search a website for a magnet link and opens it. Currently I'm opening firefox passing the magnet url as a parameter, but it leaves a open tab and if firefox is not installed, this method doesn't seem to work with chrome (I didn't tested it with ie). What I want is to open the default application that handles the magnet protocol. I'm aware that in windows I can get that from the registry and on ubuntu i can call xdg-open, but I'm looking for a more elegant solution on java or a library that already do this. Is there such a thing?

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Lacking a better solution I wrote my own:
https://github.com/beothorn/URISchemeHandler Also added support for registering new protocol handlers. Still wished there was a way to handle this without checking which OS is running.
The correct name for this identifier is URI scheme, more details at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URI_scheme.


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