I am using gedit & I have a very huge line and I am not able to see that complete line because gedit gets stucking.
so, I wanted to do word wrapping in gedit.
I searched but I didnt found word wrap option in gedit.

How I can do wrapping in gedit?


Check Gedit preferences, or else you can use TextWrap


In the gedit Text Editor menu click Edit, and then click Preferences. A popup named gedit Preferences opens up. In the same popup on the first Tab named View, under the sub-heading Text Wrapping click the check box named Enable text wrapping, to toggle the text wrap feature on or off.

These steps have been tested for gedit 3.10.4 version running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


The most complete list of Gedit plugins I know of can be found at wiki.gnome.org. It includes a.o. the Text Wrap plugin.

[To install it,] you need to download the files and put them in your ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins/ directory (which may need to be created). They need to be in that exact directory; subdirectories are not scanned for plugins. [copied from that page]


Check in the status menu in the lower bottom corner of the Gedit window.


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