I would like to apply Blueprintcss and Compass/Sass to a Rails project.

Should I learn Blueprint first or Compass/Sass first or are there any guides on how to use the two of these together?

Also, does it make any difference that it's a Rails project? Could this combination of technologies be just as easily applied to, say, a Java project?

  • I'm using Compass/Blueprint on a ASP.NET MVC project, so no -- it doesn't make a difference what language or framework you are using. You just need to be able to run Ruby. – Talljoe Jun 23 '09 at 20:47

When I first encountered Compass, I knew neither Compass nor Blueprint. I started out by watching the Compass screencast and then by trying to use it. As Sass is similar to CSS (CSS on steroids ;-)), I was able to get working real soon. Having the Blueprint CSS cheat sheet helped a lot. Thus, I recommend learning Compass first and then learning Blueprint on the way.

Also have a look at the GitHub wiki pages for Compass.

It is easy to use Compass with any language/framework combination.


Compass comes with its own version of Blueprint, so I'd say just learn Compass.


Blueprint is just predefined plain set of css. so you can use it on any frameworks or programming languages.

I my self using blueprint for both php and java project. for php i am using codeigniter, joomla and even wordpress ;)

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