How can I enable word wrapping in PhpStorm?

I need to enable it only for some of my files (with extension .txt). Is it possible?

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    It's a shame that you can't specifically set it to soft wrap for certain file types. I only ever want to wrap if it's a HTML file, and it would be so much handier if I could set it to do that automatically instead of having to click through the menu each time.
    – Maccath
    Dec 10, 2012 at 15:51
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    @Maccath it appears you can do that now. See the "soft-wrap files" setting in PHPStorm.
    – reformed
    Mar 3, 2020 at 22:02

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For all files (default setting for opened files): Settings/PreferencesEditorGeneralUse soft wraps in editor. You can now specify file names/extensions where this option will be enabled by default:

Enter image description here

For the currently opened file in the editor: menu → ViewActive EditorUse Soft Wraps (Note: I've assigned custom Ctrl + Alt + R + shortcut for that)

Enter image description here

For quite a while (since v2016 or so) you can also access this option via the context menu for the editor gutter area (the area with line numbers on the left side of the editor):

Enter image description here

(Note: I have customised this menu quite a bit; by default it has much less items here)

Search Everywhere (Shift 2x times) or menu HelpFind Action... (Ctrl + Shift + A on Windows using the Default keymap) can also be used to quickly change this option (instead of going into Settings/Preferences).

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    right click on the left gutter (line numbers area) and choose Soft Wraps. a ver quick way to enable soft wraps per file
    – trve.fahad
    Sep 24, 2014 at 14:03
  • File > Settings > Editor > Use Soft wraps in Editor.
    – pavanw3b
    Jan 15, 2015 at 13:08
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    File > Settings > Editor > General > "Use soft wraps in editor"
    – Ryan
    Sep 5, 2015 at 19:58
  • @Ryan that option does not seem to exist anymore. Under General the option is not there.
    – JGallardo
    Oct 5, 2015 at 19:49
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    phpStorm for Mac v10.0: PhpStorm > Preferences > Editor > Use Soft wraps in Editor (as opposed to under the File menu) Nov 9, 2015 at 18:09

You have to enable Soft Wraps. Find that option through this path.

Menu ViewActive EditorUse Soft Wraps

Wrap words in PhpStorm


Right click on the line number area and choose:

Soft-Wrap All Files or Soft-Wrap Current File, i.e.:

Enter image description here

  • Menu FileSettingsEditorUse soft wraps in editor: to turn them on for all files by default.

  • Menu FileSettingsCode StyleGeneralWrap when typing reaches right margin

    .. but that's different (it will make new line).

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    this helped me out. It was driving me mad with the editor auto wrapping my code when I didnt want it to. I couldnt find the option but this helped so ty ^^.
    – azzy81
    Apr 23, 2013 at 15:16
  • This must be really old, i could not find it
    – JGallardo
    Oct 5, 2015 at 19:46

In addition to Settings -> Editor -> Use soft wraps in editor I recommend Use soft wraps in console and Use custom soft wraps indent with a setting of 4 to make the wraps indented to match the line they started on.


In PhpStorm 2019.1.3, it is possible to enable soft wrap for some file types only.

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In PhpStorm 2019.1.3, you should add the file type you want to make soft wrapping on.

Go to SettingsEditorGeneralSoft-wrap files, and then add any types you want:

Enter image description here

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    you can actually use *.* for all type of file and extension.
    – inumaru
    Jan 26, 2020 at 15:54

You may also want to consider the Wrap to Column plugin, which implements the equivalent to Alt + Q in Emacs and gq in Vim. This may be preferable to having very long lines that are wrapped by the editor.

This plugin can be installed from any IntelliJ IDEA-based IDE by searching for Wrap to Column.

It has the additional benefit that you can choose to wrap only sections of text that you want :-)


If using PhpStorm 2019 and higher

PhpStorm word wrapping settings screenshot

Menu FileSettingsEditorGeneral.

There is the 'Soft-wrap files' input under the 'Soft Wraps' Header.

*.md; *.txt; *.rst; .adoc;

Add the file types to this field in which files you want them to be used.

*.md; *.txt; .rst; .adoc;.php;.js


WebStorm 10.0.4

For wrapping text/code line by default, but for all types of file: menu FileSettingsEditorGeneral → section "Soft Wraps" → checkbox "Use soft wraps in editor".

  • But the question is about PhpStorm. Please explain. May 29, 2021 at 2:16

For word wrapping in PhpStorm 2019.1.3, just follow below steps:

From the top navigation menu:

ViewActive EditorSoft-Wrap

That's it so simple.

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    It is not, you have to do it per file.
    – Kyobul
    Mar 23, 2020 at 15:25

I want to soft-wrap .php files. Putting that in the allowed list still was not working. (For a screenshot, see Mohammed Zayan's answer.)

I entered *.* there, allowing all the files (I am fine with that) and soft wrap worked fine.


For word wrapping in PhpStorm:

  1. Select File from the menu
  2. From File select Setting
  3. From Setting, select Editor
  4. Select General from Editor
  5. In general, checked Use soft wraps in editor from the Soft wraps section
  • Please add some explanation to your answer - is this triggered for all files with the same extension?
    – Nico Haase
    May 18, 2020 at 13:37

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