Im designing a website, and often I need to present information in a nice table, or need a nice button, etc...

I need recommendations for any websites which have a large collection of these elements which I could just use, instead of designing my own.


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Smashing magazine is a fantastic place to pick Web UI related tips/tricks/designs. You MUST browse older articles as there are host of icon sets, UI designs and examples. I would strongly recommend it. :)




http://graphicriver.net If you are not looking at only free stuff, this site has some great icons, buttons, graphics which you can purchase at low reasonable prices (about 2-5USD per set).


Hope these will help you in some way. :)


2080 free designs


This is a non profile provider Please try this.

But more impotent what I think designing is what we create, Try to have your won Idea first.

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