Can any one explain me the need and scenarios of server-side validation in java. why can't we use the validation at the client-side using javascript?


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Because an attacker can bypass client-side validation by simply disabling JavaScript or calling your server with external tools like or . Finally with tools like one can submit virtually anything.

Also it makes your GUI much more responsive as you don't have to reload the page every time a user tries to submit the form (so moreover, it reduces the network traffic and server load).


Client side validation is good for a better user experience, if he made an error, there's no need to send an HTTP request to find that out.

For example - if the user name should be at least 3 characters long, and the user enters 2, you can immediately tell to the user that there's a problem.

Server side validation protect the server from corrupted / malicious requests, that might be sent by dishonest users.

For example - if the user tries to execute a query that he shouldn't using SQL injection, you can prevent it in the server side, since he may not send the query through you web site, but from a different client.


Mainly for security reasons. If somehow, someone manages to modify your client and bypass validation, you could seriously compromise your server.

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