In R, I have am running the following script:

> 1:6 %in% 0:36

Which is clearly producing a logical vector. I have read the documentation but can't seem to find an operator that would return a scalar based on the result, such that 1:6 %in% 0:36 would simply return TRUE while having 0:37 %in% 0:36 return FALSE.

Does one exist?

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You can use all

> all(1:6 %in% 0:36)
[1] TRUE
> all(1:60 %in% 0:36)

On a similar note, if you want to check whether any of the elements is TRUE you can use any

> any(1:6 %in% 0:36)
[1] TRUE
> any(1:60 %in% 0:36)
[1] TRUE
> any(50:60 %in% 0:36)
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    Additionally, you can can define your own operator by wrapping match in all: %allin% <- function(x,table) {all(match(x,table,nomatch = 0L) > 0L)} – joran Apr 30 '12 at 15:07

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