I have been working on a dexterity based plone application. I have created a couple of new types. This is what I did to activate comments on a specific dexterity content type named "activity_report":

In Plone Control Panel

In the Discussion section I enabled the following:

  • globally enable comments
  • enable anonymous comments

In the Types Section I chose the "Activity Report" type from the drop down and enabled the "Allow comments" option.

On the file system

In the FTI file activityreport.xml:

<property name="allow_discussion">True</property>

I have restarted the instance and even reinstalled the product, but I can not activate the comments section in the dexterity type.

It is worth mentioning that a standard type (ex. Page) can have the discussion module activated.

Is there something I am missing?

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    I think my problem is also related to the fact that my content type is folderish. How do I allow discussion on a folderish type? – jcuot May 1 '12 at 20:54

plone.app.discussion currently disables commenting for all containers (see https://dev.plone.org/ticket/11245 for discussion).

I used a monkey patch like the following in one project to short-circuit the normal check and make sure that commenting was enabled for my folderish content type:

from Acquisition import aq_inner
from Products.highcountrynews.content.interfaces import IHCNNewsArticle
from plone.app.discussion.conversation import Conversation
old_enabled = Conversation.enabled
def enabled(self):
    parent = aq_inner(self.__parent__)
    if parent.portal_type == 'my_portal_type':
        return True
    return old_enabled(self)
Conversation.enabled = enabled

where 'my_portal_type' is, of course, the portal_type you want commenting enabled for.

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    Thanks David! This looks like the solution I will adopt. I am also considering turning the types into simple documents. In my case, the only advantage using folderish types would have been to keep related documents together in the container. – jcuot May 2 '12 at 0:34

The David response is not accurate. The class to be monkeypatched is plone.app.discussion.browser.conversation.ConversationView :

from Acquisition import aq_inner
from plone.app.discussion.browser.conversation import ConversationView
old_enabled = ConversationView.enabled

def enabled(self):
    parent = aq_inner(self.__parent__)
    if parent.portal_type == 'My_type':
        return True
    return old_enabled(self)

It works for Plone 4.2 at least. However, thanks David for the hint.


As David and Victor already pointed out, you can just override the enable method of the conversation class. I would recommend using the following approach which is a bit cleaner than monkey patching the conversation class:


I also added support for dexterity types to plone.app.discussion recently, so as soon as there is a new release you won't need to customize the conversation class any longer:


Note that this method supports commenting ON folderish objects. There is no support to enable/disable commenting for objects INSIDE a folderish object yet.

In case you want to be able to switch on/off commenting with a behavior field/widget:


This will hopefully make it into the next plone.app.dexterity release as well.

  • Nice solution as all the changes are outside any plone package eggs. The "howto_override_enable_conversation.txt" mostly worked for me. Before "if context.allow_discussion is not None" I had to check if the attribute exists in context (or added a try, catch block). – Ryan Anderson Nov 3 '14 at 15:22
  • @RyanAnderson would you mind changing the howto and doing a pull request so I can update the docs? – tisto Nov 12 '14 at 7:16

I solved in configure.zcml:

<interface interface="Products.CMFPlone.interfaces.INonStructuralFolder" />

<class class="Products.PloneHelpCenter.types.Definition.HelpCenterDefinition">
  <implements interface="Products.CMFPlone.interfaces.INonStructuralFolder" />

UPDATE: this is not a good idea. I had problems with missing Add menu for each content type having this fix.

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