Is there an equivalent of the Oracle NVL function in SAS?

For example, if I have a where clause in SAS that says:

where myVar > -2;

it is not going to include any rows that have myVar = .

If I want to treat missing values as zero, i have to say:

where myVar > -2 or missing( myVar )

I'd like to be able to do something like:

where NVL( myVar, 0 ) > -2 // or some SAS equivalent

Is there something like this in SAS?

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    Note that it's only in non-SAS data that rows with myVar=. won't be included. The reason is that missing values are NULL, and comparisons with NULL will always evaluate to FALSE. In native SAS data, missing values are treated as a non-negative number, which is less than zero. So "where myVar > -2;" will actually work with missing values when operating on native SAS data. – Martin Bøgelund Jun 26 '09 at 13:46

The coalesce function should do the job.

where coalesce(myVar,0) > -2

I'm not sure if the function became available in SAS 9, so if you have a really old SAS version this might not work.


Using the coalesce function is the right way to do this.

But if you have an old version of SAS where coalesce isn't implemented, you can use this trick:

where sum(myVar,0) > -2

If you use the sum function in SAS for adding, any non-missing number in the summation will force the result to be non-missing.

Thus adding 0 with the sum function will transform a missing value to 0, and non-missing values will remain unaltered.

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    +1: That's an awesome suggestion! We no longer support SAS 8 for our product so I really dont care if coalesce was available then or not but if I did, this would be an ingenious workaround. – Adnan Jun 26 '09 at 23:36

One thing that y can do is like array varlistname var1 var2 var3 varn; if array <>. then output;

It will ouput data sets having non missing values

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