Is it possible to create a VIEW (not temporary view) in a Sqlite database that has other databases attached to it? The view should be able to access data from all databases via joined tables.

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No, the view must be temporary, otherwise an error will occur:

sqlite> create view view1 as select * from union select * from;
Error: view view1 cannot reference objects in database db2
sqlite> create temp view view1 as select * from union select * from;
sqlite> select * from view1;

This makes sense since a temporary view is part of the automatically created temp database which only exists for the current process.


You can list the temporary tables and views (all stored in the automatically created temp database) this way:

sqlite> .headers on
sqlite> select * from sqlite_temp_master;
view|view1|view1|0|CREATE VIEW view1 as select * from union select * from

To list views only:

select * from sqlite_temp_master where type='view';

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