How do i write

   >>> x = int(raw_input("Please enter an integer: "))
    >>> if x < 0:
    ...      x = 0
    ...      print 'Negative changed to zero'
    ... elif x == 0:
    ...      print 'Zero'
    ... elif x == 1:
    ...      print 'Single'
    ... else:
    ...      print 'More'

this in IDLE. As soon as I hit enter after writting first line, it executes the first line and i am not able to write full code. I am very new to python, just started it today. Any help will be appreciated.

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    You don't have to execute it all in one go, if you do, then use a file for multiple runs or declare a function for a single run. Even if it executes earlier than you expected, you'll still have the entered value in the x variable. May 2, 2012 at 12:26

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Try File => New File in top menu. Then write your code in this windows and run it by F5 key (or Run in top menu)

  • I don't see this in the menu. I am using python 3.8.3
    – KetZoomer
    Apr 2, 2021 at 15:53
  • It is File => New File now
    – Aligus
    Apr 3, 2021 at 16:20

Shift + Enter takes you to next line without executing the current line.


1: Use semicolons between lines
2: Try iPython
3: Write it as a function, e.g.

def myfunc():
    x = int(raw_input("Please enter an integer: "))
    if x < 0:
        x = 0
        print 'Negative changed to zero'
    elif x == 0:print 'Zero'
    elif x == 1:print 'Single'
    else:print 'More' 

Using the exec function along with multi-line strings (""") worked well for my particular use case:

exec("""for foo in bar:

Can't write multi-line code in python console. Need a 3rd-party app.

  • Leaving my prior misconception because nobody corrected me and it has been 8 years. Maybe it is correct and the new info I have is not correct? To extend the statement to one or more lines we can use braces {}, parentheses (), square [], semi-colon “;”, and continuation character slash “\”. - geeksforgeeks.org/python-multi-line-statements Jan 24 at 18:57

If you do File --> New File, it should open a new savable window that you can write multiple lines and save as a .py file.


creating a new file enables you to write your code in multiline in IDLE and before writing the code you need to save the file as *.py format. That's all

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