I have a model 'Article' and a model 'Ratings' nested within articles.


I want to change the routing of the f.submit in ratings/_form.html.erb now it is so, that after pressing submit, my application routs to


but I want to route it to


How can I change the routing in a form_for f.submit button. I have found here something like this:

<% form_for :thing, :url => 
 url_for(:action => "update", :id => @thing) do |f| %>

But this do not work for my rails 3.2. Thanks for your help,

  • You forgot to add = after <%. Unfortunately I did not understand at what controller and action you want to send the form.
    – Mik
    May 2, 2012 at 14:09

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:url - The URL the form is submitted to. It takes the same fields you pass to url_for or link_to. In particular you may pass here a named route directly as well. Defaults to the current action.

<% form_for :thing, :url => {:action => "update", :id => @thing} do |f| %>

you can also pass it the path_name by using the helper. so you can also do something like

:url => update_article_path(@article)
  • no this do not work for me >> form_for(@rating), :url => (:action => "show", :id => @article) do |f| >> the error that I get are this >> syntax error, unexpected tASSOC, expecting keyword_end...nd=
    – Lailo
    May 2, 2012 at 13:29

Try form_for (:thing, url:{:controller=>'thing', :action=>'update'}, html:{method:'put'}).

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