I'm using jQuery's selectMenu on a select tag like this.


in certain cases I want to hide it, and I can't figure out how.

this doesn't work:


neither does this



  • can you show us the demo here jsfiddle.net – coder May 2 '12 at 19:43
  • Would this work? $("#ddlReport").next(".ui-selectmenu-button").hide(); – kei May 2 '12 at 19:50

Looking at the demos here and here, it seems selectmenu works by appending a

<span class="ui-selectmenu-button">
or (probably different selectmenu versions?)
<a ... class="ui-selectmenu ...">

after the original select, containing the artificial select.

You could try accessing that using

$('#ddlReport').next('.ui-selectmenu .ui-selectmenu-button').hide();

Though it sounds like it may use other classes (instead of -button). This is also a kind of hackish workaround and I'm sure the plugin contains some way intended to let you access the newly appended menu.

Edit: Looking through the code in the second demo, it doesn't seem like there is any preprogrammed way to access the new select in that version at least.

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    I cannot believe that jQuery mobile does not hide these spans automatically on reinitialization. I've tried $('#my_select').prop('disabled', false).hide().selectmenu("refresh") but it did not work correctly. Bogus "selects" were still visible. Finally I was forced to use approach similar to this answer .prop('disabled', true).parents('.ui-select').hide(); Thanks to Armatus – Dmitry Koroliov Feb 7 '13 at 12:05

After losing a few hours trying to figure this out. I finally wrapped the thing in a <div> and just show/hide on the div. Certainly far from elegant but it keeps me out of the jq mobile innards.


With newer versions of jQueryUI (I'm working with version 1.11.4), simply use the "widget" attribute:

$("#element").selectmenu( "widget" ).hide();

works for me.


Thanks Armatus!

Just want to say that for me this worked:


Without the .ui-selectmenu-button class which doesn't exist in HTML.


This is the solution!


wrapping with a div or forcing usage of button classes are definitively more complicated.

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