I am trying to build an application that uses Sinatra for rendering the views, and handles file uploads, while using another library for handling web socket communication (em-websocket). Normally, em-websocket is an EvenMachine library that runs on a different port, but there is a "Rack compatible" version that somehow wraps this library. I would like to combine these in order to create a new application that can be easily added/integrated/mounted to an existing Rails application or used as a standalone application. I have not done this sort of thing before so I don't know where to start and how to do this. How can I create this sort of composite Rack application that doesn't require any extra ports and is easily mountable?


You might want to look here about creating modular Sinatra applications and combining them in a larger Sinatra application. You could look into mounting Cramp inside of a main Sinatra application.

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