Im trying to create a simple log function in my Excel VBA project.

I want to pass the current procedure name and a string

the log function looks currently like this:

Public Sub log(procName As String, message As String)
   dolog (procName & ": " & message)
End Sub

I am trying to call it like this:

Dim C_PROC_NAME As String
C_PROC_NAME = "autoSave"
log(C_PROC_NAME, "test")

That does not work, it excpects me to do it like this:

test = log(C_PROC_NAME, "test")

And initializing the C_PROC_NAME like this does NOT work as well:

DIM C_PROC_NAME As String = "autoSave"

If you want to call a sub with parens, you need to place a Call keyword in front:

Dim C_PROC_NAME As String
C_PROC_NAME = "autoSave"
Call log(C_PROC_NAME, "test")

Or you can call it without parens:

Dim C_PROC_NAME As String
C_PROC_NAME = "autoSave"
log C_PROC_NAME, "test"

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