I have a scrollview which has a customview as a documentview. The size of the customview is calculated in my code as

Height of customview = height of scrollview - height of scroller

my app is compiled with 10.5 and runs well on 10.5/10.6 It also runs well on 10.7 if external mouse is used.

But if I run on 10.7 and i use the built in multitouch trackpad on lion the scrollbar is a overlay. So the height should be Height of customview = height of scrollview

Now what should i do to take care of this issue..


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Ask NSScroller for the height of a scroller of the relevant control size and scroller style, the latter of which you should get from your scroll view.

Note that the correct scroller style can change at any time, such as whenever a mouse or trackball is plugged in or unplugged. You may want to observe for the relevant notification and redo your calculation whenever it comes in.

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