I've written a custom workflow action that takes in several values, mostly using the SingleLineInput control.

When I assign literal values, I have no issues, but when I try to assign a Workflow Variable, I don't get the actual value of the variable, I get the literal text - something like {WorkflowVariable:XmlValue} - assuming my variable was names XmlValue.

I'm not sure what I could possibly be doing wrong. Any ideas?

Here's code snippets:

The javascript for retrieving the value from the SingleLineInput

function TPAWriteConfig() {
    configXml.selectSingleNode("/NWActionConfig/Parameters/Parameter[@Name='FieldValue']/PrimitiveValue/@Value").text = getRTEValue('<%=fieldValue.ClientID%>');
    return true;


The server control:

<Nintex:ConfigurationProperty ID="ConfigurationProperty3" runat="server" FieldTitle="Field Value" RequiredField="True">
        <Nintex:SingleLineInput runat="server" id="fieldValue"></Nintex:SingleLineInput>

From my adapter class:

private const string FieldValueProperty = "FieldValue";

NWActionConfig config = new NWActionConfig(this);
config.Parameters[2] = new ActivityParameter();
config.Parameters[2].Name = FieldValueProperty;
config.Parameters[2].PrimitiveValue = new PrimitiveValue();
config.Parameters[2].PrimitiveValue.Value = string.Empty;
config.Parameters[2].PrimitiveValue.ValueType = SPFieldType.Text.ToString(); 

From the activity class:

public static DependencyProperty FieldValueProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("FieldValue", typeof (string),
                                                                                              typeof (

public string FieldValue
    get { return (string) GetValue(FieldValueProperty); }
    set { SetValue(FieldValueProperty, value); }

I feel a little silly answering my own question, but for the sake of anyone else having the same issues. Here's how it works:

  • If you're putting a literal value in the field, just use the value
  • If you're using any other kind of assignment, do a lookup based on the value.

The code below demonstrates:

var fieldValue = FieldValue.StartsWith("{") ? ctx.AddContextDataToString(FieldValue, true) : FieldValue; 

This extract the value from the workflow context. Hope this helps.

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