We're using a particular jQuery plugin written in CoffeeScript at work and I'm hoping I can convert the project into somewhat normal looking JavaScript. The library looks like it's structured really well (good OOP practices), but I'd really like it if I could explore it's source code without having to learn all the tricks that CoffeeScript entails.

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    Coffee script outputs valid javascript, but it's not meant to be human friendly. – Chris Eberle May 4 '12 at 1:20
  • There's a difference between 'documented' and 'well documented'. The latter is fairly rare, but you can tell because all your questions are answered. – OsamaBinLogin Jul 31 '15 at 0:53

Compiling CoffeeScript into JavaScript usually results in JS that is fairly readable. You can convert snippets on the fly on the "Try CoffeeScript" tab of the CoffeeScript homepage, or via the CoffeeScript command line tool.

There are also tools like decaffeinate that convert CoffeeScript source to modern JavaScript.

If you know JavaScript and just want to be able to read the source of a file, a perusal of the CoffeeScript homepage will probably give you enough understanding of CoffeeScript to read CoffeeScript sources fairly easily.


There's also this online compiler http://js2coffee.org/ that can convert coffeescript to and from javascript

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    I installed their cli version, but maybe I'm too stupid to make it convert a simple coffee script into js. – Sebastialonso Jul 19 '15 at 16:19
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    It only converts js TO coffeescript, not vise versa as asked in the question. – Victor Dec 9 '15 at 7:32
  • It works in both ways. I just paste the coffeescript code and it shows me js as a preview. – MIA Jul 21 at 13:58

On http://coffeescript.org/ there is a tab - try CoffeeScript

Stick the coffee in the left side and JS pops up on the left


BinaryMuse pointed you to the CoffeeScript command line tool, but I'd thought I post the actual command for posterity:

  • Compile a directory tree of .coffee files in src into a parallel tree of .js files in lib:

    coffee --compile --output lib/ src/


Your best bet is to convert confeescript into JavaScript using their compiler, once you have that - you can go ahead and structure the JavaScript according to your style guide.

Hope that helps.


You could also try Depercolator which wraps up a bunch of commands together (includes decafinate, cjsx-transform, react-codemod, prettier).

The writeup: https://blog.bugsnag.com/converting-a-large-react-codebase-from-coffeescript-to-es6/ and GH repo: https://github.com/bugsnag/depercolator

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