I need to pass some arguments to my application,that include the - symbol. The problem is if I pass gdb a.out -foo baa, the gdb understand that the arguments are for it, and not to my application. How to fix this?

  1. gdb -q a.out
    inside gdb:
  2. run -foo baa

    Tip: -q option for gdb suppresses the introductory copyright messages.
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  • Recommendation: Read pzanoni answer for more options, I provided the simplest one. – Ahmed Jolani May 4 '12 at 15:14

Option 1:

  • gdb --args ls /tmp

Option 2:

  • gdb ls
  • set args /tmp
  • run

Option 3 (didn't know about that, thanks Ahmed):

  • gdb ls
  • run /tmp

Maybe there are others?

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