<div id="grandfather">
  <div id="uncle"></div>
  <div id="father>
    <div id="me"></div>

I am at $("#me") , and I want to select my uncle, using stuff like :


How ?

  • This question seems a little too arbitrary for a useful answer. I'd suggest just studying jQuery's traversal methods unless you can provide more context. – jaredhoyt May 5 '12 at 6:22

You could use $.parent and $.prev assuming your uncle is always above your father:

$(this).parent().prev(); // where 'this' is #me

You could also go all the way up to your grandfather, and find uncles from there:


Or you could search your father's siblings:


I would encourage you to read the Traversing portion of the jQuery API for various other methods.

var uncle = $('#me').parent().prev();
$(this).parent().prev().append("This is uncle");

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