What methods are available to implement a text editor in Java?

  • Depends on the purpose of your new text editor. Notepad replacement, hex editor or full featured IDE/RAD. Tell us more about your plan. – merkuro Jun 26 '09 at 7:26

The JTextPane class would be a good start.

The How to Use Editor Panes and Using Text Components and Text Panes sections from The Java Tutorials would be a nice to place to take a look at examples and explanation.

  • +1 for a helpful answer to a vague question – Gishu Jun 26 '09 at 5:50

You can also have a look at JEdit, a open source java editor for ideas on how exactly to go about building an editor.


You could use Eclipse. See http://wiki.eclipse.org/FAQ How do I create my own editor?


You could also use Netbeans. Here is a link.


I've successfully integrated EKit into a Java application, which is a fairly functional HTML text editor.

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