I am asking this question after going through similar questions like

  1. Presentation technology for multiple devices

  2. How best to implement support for multiple devices in a web application

  3. How to optimize website for mobile devices?

After reading the replies I understand it best to go for a very light weight web site without using many fancy frameworks

I have zeroed down on using Spring MVC in the backend and jsp for the front end.

Having done this I need to get down to more specifics.

Suppose I want to render a datatable do I use plain jsp or can I use some framework like

Jquery Mobile . Will a framework provide me ease of coding and maintainability,functionality and at the same time will it render reasonably fast on mobile phone devices ?

The data table must have the ability to filter,sort,paginate etc.

I have used datatable component as an example. There could be other components as well like say trees, charts etc

  • If you've already chosen the backend, then please retitle and retag the question to reflect what you're trying to decide on, e.g. [javascript]. – skaffman May 7 '12 at 9:02

Personal opinion: keep your data separate from your views. For example, make all your data accessible as Json as well as through a Json based protocol (JsonRpc is nice simple protocol). This will reduce the amount of time/code needed for the server side. Then, you can develop multiple applications such as web/mobile applications. The abstraction defined by HTML web applications is now being copied by desktop applications (eg WPF) and of course mobile applications.

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