I have a simple array of hashes retrieved from Redis in my Ruby on Rails application. These are a list of items that I'd like to paginate in a view. They are not ActiveRecord based or based on any database ORM wrapper. They're simply retrieved like this:

@items = $redis.lrange("items-#{params[:id]}", 0, -1)

At this point I want to do something as simple as list 10 items per page and allow the user to paginate through them.

Is there a plugin/tool available that works on straight arrays? It seems most stuff is focused on ActiveRecord.


If you use the Kaminari gem, you can add pagination to an array.

items = $redis.lrange("items-#{params[:id]}", 0, -1)
@items = Kaminari.paginate_array(items).page(params[:page]).per(10)

Then in your view it's as simple as

@items.each do |item|
paginate @items

You will use will_paginate gem and a simple demo here http://gerardogc2378.blogspot.mx/2011/10/paginando-objetos-con-willpaginate.html


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