I am trying to limit the number of numbers that an integer field can contain. For example, I want the field to contain a number no more than 5 long, so 99999 would be the highest valid entry.

Is this possible to do in MySQL? I have looked at the documentation but haven't found my answer.


Unfortunately neither the CHECKconstraint nor user defined types are implemented in MySQL. Maybe this will change in future versions.

Until then you can use a trigger to correct the input if that is a way to go for you:

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CREATE TRIGGER trigger_check BEFORE INSERT ON your_table
    IF NEW.NUM > 99999 THEN 
        SET NEW.NUM = 0; 
    END IF; 
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    For the sake of completeness, you could also use a foreign key to a table of integers that ends at 99999. – Mike Sherrill 'Cat Recall' May 8 '12 at 11:10

You can add a trigger to enforce this whenever a change is made to the database. The trigger will execute before the change would be applied to verify that it is updating with a "valid" entry. If the entry is invalid, the update can be rejected.


This is not possible to do at a DB level. You'll have to either use stored procedures, or put that logic in your application.


A medium int is the closest you can get.

Also, you'll likely see something like this at some point:

CREATE TABLE blah ( col INT (5) );

This does not do what you think though. This does not actually constrain the length of the field to 5 places. It signifies that it should be 0 padded to 5 places when zerofill is set on the column.

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