Assume I have a set (or sorted set or list if that would be better) A of 100 to 1000 strings.

Then I have a sorted set B of many more strings, say one million.

Now C should be the intersection of A and B (of the strings of course).

I want to have every tuple (X, SCORE_OF_X_IN_B) where X is in C.

Any Idea?

I got two ideas:

  1. Interstore
    • store A a sorted set with every score being 0
    • interstore to D
    • get every item of D
    • delete D
  2. Simple loop in client
    • loop over A in my client programm
    • get zscore for every string

While 1. has way too much overhead on the redis side (Has to write for example. The redis page states quite a high time complexity, too http://redis.io/commands/zinterstore), 2. would have |A| database connections and won't be a good choice.

Maybe I could write a redis/lua script which will work like zscore but with an arbitrary number of strings, but I'm not sure if my hoster allows scripts...

So I just wanted to ask SO, if there is an elegant and fast solution available without scripting!

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There is a simple solution to your problem: ZINTERSTORE will work with a SET and a ZSET. Try:

redis> sadd foo a
(integer) 1
redis> zadd bar 1 a
(integer) 1
redis> zadd bar 2 b
(integer) 1
redis> zinterstore baz 2 foo bar AGGREGATE MAX
(integer) 1
redis> zrange baz 0 -1 withscores
1) "a"
2) "1"

Edit: I added AGGREGATE MAX above, since redis will give each member of the (non-sorted) set foo a default score of 1, and SUM that with whatever score it has in the (sorted) set bar.

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    This is almost exactly what I have written in my question (see above, point 1). I also have written that I judge this solution as too slow. Note I asked for an elegant and fast solution, not a simple one! Didn't know you could do a direct zinterstore with a set and a sorted set though. Thanks for your answer and sorry for obviously choosing a bad headline... – user562529 May 9 '12 at 14:44

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