Is there some way to add to the existing maven configurations in the "run configuration menu", available in "Run -> Run as" in Eclipse? I'd like to add my commonly used goals, like "integration-test", to the existing ones, like "maven build" etc.

I used the variable "${project_loc}" for base directory, but how can I place the new configuration in the maven run configuration menu? I don't see the option in the preferences or anywhere.

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Short answer is you can't. Eclipse generally encouraging to not clutter context menus.

However when using m2eclipse you can use Run As... / Maven Build... menu to create launch configurations for your Maven builds. After that you can use Run As... / Maven Build (or Alt-Shift-X, M shortcut) to invoke previously created configurations, so if there is more then one been created you'll see a selection dialog.

  • This way creates a new run configuration for each project that this command is used for. You should modify one configuration with this "${project_loc}" and use this one.
    – Naxos84
    Dec 1, 2016 at 7:45

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