I've never done a thing with ruby script before, and was hoping someone here would have a quick answer. I'm on a time sensitive project, and was hoping SO could provide some insight.

I've googled around here, and sought out some ruby script guides, and think I understand most of the following code, but there are a few things I wasn't able to figure out.

I have the following exceprt from a ruby script, and I just need to know what it's doing:

where docName and document_name are a string of a file path

case docName 
when /^QRX/ then document_name = "/TRPRR/#{docName}"
when /^BVN/ then document_name = "/TRPRR/#{docName}"

There are a bunch of other cases, and I understand case statements. I don't understand the following:

Is the /^QRX/ some kind of regular expression or something? And what does the #{docName} do?


Yes, the /^QRX/, etc. performs a regular expression match against docName, and if it matches, it performs the code following.

The #{docName} is how ruby handles string interpolation:

docName = "foo"
puts "/TRPRR/#{docName}" # Outputs "/TRPRR/foo"

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