I have an array containing the results of a mysql query on "Category", "Group" and "Subgroup" for stock items. I need to build a dynamic menu but the content of the current line of the array I am building depends on a column in the next line.

I have looked up and found many examples but all of them check the whole line of the array (the mysql row) I only want to check one item in the line of the array (one mysql column). I need something like

for ( $ix = 0; $ix < (length(current_result) - 1); $ix++) {
  if (current_result[$ix, Catagory] = current_result[$ix + 1, Catagory]) {
     echo some code
  } else {
     echo some other code  
some code to handle the last line of the array
  • what result you have required @John Hart May 9, 2012 at 5:55

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Assuming you have an associative array of rows, you're simply missing proper array syntax:

for( .... ){
   $thiscat = $current_result[$ix]['Category'];
   $nextcat = $current_result[$ix+1]['Category'];

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