var UI$Contract$ddlForm_change = function() {

    //'this' is currently the drop down that fires the event
    // My question is can I change the context so "this" represents another object? 
    this = SomeObject;

    // then call methods on the new "this"

is this possible?


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No, it's not possible.

You can call a method with a specified value for this (using method.apply()/method.call()) but you cannot re-assign the keyword, this.

  • more informations at joshuakehn.com
    – vdubus
    Commented Dec 11, 2013 at 9:17
  • You can also pass this as an argument to the function in the call to UI$Contract$ddlForm_change, then you can use that argument as the context/access its properties Commented Jan 26, 2018 at 10:47

You can't change what this refers to from inside the function.

However, you can call a function in a specific context - so that this refers to a specific object - by using call or apply.


J-P is correct. This is not possible. Refer to the JavaScript language specification document ECMA-262. You can download the standard from here:


The file is ECMA-262.pdf and on page 39, section 10.1.7.

10.1.7 This

There is a this value associated with every active execution context. The this value depends on the caller and the type of code being executed and is determined when control enters the execution context. The this value associated with an execution context is immutable.

Note "is immutable". i.e. cannot be changed.

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