I have created a grid using DHTMLX.I retreived the data from the data base using linq.and I am able to display the data in the output.but these are not loading into the grid.Now i want to load the data into the grid using JSON object.

  • Could you provide some sample code? – German Latorre May 9 '12 at 11:44

Here is online sample about your question. I think it must help you:


JSON syntax is the next:

data = {
    rows: [{
        id: 1001,
        data: ["100", "A Time to Kill", "John Grisham", "12.99", "1", "05/01/1998"]
        }, {
        id: 1002,
        data: ["1000", "Blood and Smoke", "Stephen King", "0", "1", "01/01/2000"]
        }, {
        id: 1003,
        data: ["-200", "The Rainmaker", "John Grisham", "7.99", "0", "12/01/2001"]
        }, {
        id: 1004,
        data: ["350", "The Green Mile", "Stephen King", "11.10", "1", "01/01/1992"]
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