I am working with Cakephp and I have an issue maintaining session across subdomains. My problem is as follows:

  • Users login on 'localhost/login'
  • If authenticated they are redirected to 'customer.localhost/home'.

Currently Cake is creating a cookie for each domain ie localhost and customer.localhost. This means that I cannot keep the session working for the user. Is there a way to make all cookies domain fixed to the parent domain with the goal of keeping the session working across subdomains?

I have tried entering this in my bootstrap but it has no effect: ini_set('session.cookie_domain', '.localhost');

If you think this cannot be done please feel free to let me know so that I can move on from this frustrating problem.

Many thanks,


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    Which version of CakePHP are you using? 1.3 or 2.x? – Robert Ross May 9 '12 at 16:24

Sessions (CakePHP 2.x):

To make the session cookie valid for all your subdomains and the top level domain, you actually need to set it yourself in your APP/config/bootstrap.php file:

ini_set('session.cookie_domain', '.domain.com');

Then, in your APP/config/core.php file, set Security to low:

Configure::write('Security.level', 'low');

"otherwise the referer_check will be set to the current HTTP_HOST in the CakeSession object line 441."

Sessions (CakePHP 3.x)

The session cookie path defaults to app’s base path. To change this you can use the session.cookie_path ini value. For example if you want your session to persist across all subdomains you can do:

Configure::write('Session', [
    'defaults' => 'php',
    'ini' => [
        'session.cookie_path' => '/',
        'session.cookie_domain' => '.yourdomain.com'

Cookies (CakePHP 2.x):

On this page it explains that you can use the 'domain' variable:

The domain name allowed to access the cookie. e.g. Use ‘.yourdomain.com’ to allow access from all your subdomains.

Per their example code:

public $components = array('Cookie');
public function beforeFilter() {
    $this->Cookie->name = 'baker_id';
    $this->Cookie->time =  3600;  // or '1 hour'
    $this->Cookie->path = '/bakers/preferences/';
    $this->Cookie->domain = 'example.com';
    $this->Cookie->secure = true;  // i.e. only sent if using secure HTTPS
    $this->Cookie->key = 'qSI232qs*&sXOw!';
    $this->Cookie->httpOnly = true;

Cookies (CakePHP 3.x):

Read here.

The domain that the cookie is available. To make the cookie available on all subdomains of example.com set domain to ‘.example.com’.

  • Thanks with your help, I eventually got it to work. One thing to remember do not try to do this with 'localhost' make sure you use a domain in your host like 'example.com'. – kSeudo May 11 '12 at 14:08
  • first link is dead – tsukimi Aug 25 '14 at 21:23
  • @tsukimi Thanks - removed. – Dave Aug 25 '14 at 23:50
  • i just emptied the variable 'session.cookie_domain' in bootstrap.php for it to work for me in localhost. your answer did give me the hint to solution!! – Jigar Tank Sep 13 '14 at 19:19
  • @Dave I'm using cakephp v1.3 and i have done all changes as mentioned above it's working for session but not working for cookie, what can i do for cookie? – sandy Jun 3 '16 at 13:27

There is a config in app/Config/core.php to change session cookie domain:

Configure::write('Session', array(
    'defaults' => 'php',
    'ini' => array(
        'cookie_domain' => '.example.com'
  • This didn't work for me, but the accepted answer did. – drmonkeyninja Aug 5 '15 at 8:28
  • This works, but with the right directive name. Answer edited. – savedario Dec 1 '17 at 17:33

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