Our js player loads correctly in firefox but doesnt run in Chrome or IE. I tried the other workarounds mentioned on stackoverflow for the following errors:

Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'fancybox'

4event.layerX and event.layerY are broken and deprecated in WebKit. They will be removed from the engine in the near future.

But doesnt work. I tried loading js file asynchronously but it just doesnt seem to load in chrome and IE.

Here's our page URL: http://www.iorad.com/?a=app.htmlplayer&accessCode=GUEST&remote=true&module=3225

Pressing the green play button should open the next slide, which you can see in firefox.

  • Please include code in the question. Referencing a broken external website is wrong as it won't tell anything about this question when you fix/upgrade/delete it – Alfabravo May 9 '12 at 21:35
  • I tried it on chrome and before the "Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'fancybox'" y see these ones: "Uncaught ReferenceError: Invalid left-hand side in assignment" that points to some supposedly html-commented lines at some cold fusion js generated code in the html page: cl.ly/GVEi – Roberto Linares May 10 '12 at 0:10

The only errors I get are: "Uncaught ReferenceError: Invalid left-hand side in assignment". Use javascript comments syntax instead of html inside the tag.

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