I have two dates, one less than the other. I want to create a string such as this one

"0 days, 0 hours, 23 minutes, 18 seconds"

representing the difference between the two dates. How can I get these elements of this string?

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TimeSpan is the object you need:

TimeSpan span = (DateTime.Now - DateTime.Now);

String.Format("{0} days, {1} hours, {2} minutes, {3} seconds", 
    span.Days, span.Hours, span.Minutes, span.Seconds);
  • but will this give me days, hours, minutes and seconds? May 10, 2012 at 16:37

When you subtract one DateTime from another, you get a TimeSpan instance, which exposes those values.

TimeSpan diff = DateTime.Now - DateTime.Today;
string formatted = string.Format(
                       "{0} days, {1} hours, {2} minutes, {3} seconds", 

Use the TimeSpan class, which you'll get when you subtract the dates.

You can format the output using standard or custom format strings.

"0 days, 0 hours, 23 minutes, 18 seconds"

can be had with something like:

TimeSpan ts = DateTime.Now - DateTime.Today;
   string.Format("{0:%d} days, {0:%h} hours, {0:%m} minutes, {0:%s} seconds", ts)

IMO, it's cleaner and easier to use string.Format instead of having to escape the words in your format string (which you'd need if you just used .ToString) or building it up manually.


Use a TimeSpan

DateTime startTime = DateTime.Now;

DateTime endTime = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds( 75 );

TimeSpan span = endTime.Subtract ( startTime );
Console.WriteLine( "Time Difference (seconds): " + span.Seconds );
Console.WriteLine( "Time Difference (minutes): " + span.Minutes );
Console.WriteLine( "Time Difference (hours): " + span.Hours );
Console.WriteLine( "Time Difference (days): " + span.Days );

String yourString = string.Format("{0} days, {1} hours, {2} minues, {3} seconds",
    span.Days, span.Hours, span.Minutes, span.Seconds);

Don't forget that if you want this calculation to be portable you need to store it as UTC and then when you display it convert to local time. As a general rule Store dates as UTC and convert to local time for presentation.


Have you tried using


that can certainly do what you want


How about something like this?

    TimeSpan diff = dateTimeNew - dateTimeOld;
    string output = string.Format("{0} days, {1} hours, {2} minues, {3} seconds", diff.Days, diff.Hours, diff.Minutes, diff.Seconds);
    DateTime myDay = DateTime.Now;
    DateTime otherDate = DateTime.Now.AddYears(1);
    var test = otherDate.Subtract(myDay);
    Console.WriteLine("Days:" + test.Days + "Hours:" + test.Hours +"Minutes" +  test.Minutes +"Seconds" + test.Seconds);

Here test is of type TimeStamp

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    Just to avoid confusion, .TotalSeconds will return the total number of seconds, so a 1 hour timespan will return 3,600 TotalSeconds. The .Seconds property will return 0 seconds as there are none "leftover" in a 1 hour timespan.
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    May 10, 2012 at 16:45
TimeSpan diffTime = dateTimeNew -PreviousDate;
int days=diffTime.Days;
int hours=diffTime.Hours;
int minutes=diffTime.Minutes;
int seconds=diffTime.Seconds;
  • OP wants to build a string from the result of the calculation. That part is missing from your answer.
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    Mar 22, 2016 at 12:24

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