I am trying to +5 and then *10 on something selected from the database.

BTW: $stats['Level'] = 1

So here's my code.

<?php echo intval(floor($stats['Level'] + 5 * 10)); ?>

What am I doing wrong? It's showing as 51, not 60. Why's that?


Order of operations.

Multiplication is before addition. Try this instead:

echo intval(floor(($stats['Level'] + 5) * 10))

Order of operations. Multiplication always comes before addition. You'll need to use parenthesis to overcome that as they have a higher presidence.

<?php echo intval(floor(($stats['Level'] + 5) * 10)); ?>

Order of operations states that multiplication always comes before addition so your code should look like this:

echo intval(floor(($stats['Level'] + 5) * 10))

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