On click of a button, without doing a round trip to the server, can we save a HTML5 page on clients machine as PDF.

  • There's no javascript or HTML method for saving PDF files. Your best bet is a server side solution or browser plugin. – Mike Robinson May 11 '12 at 14:17

Check out PDF.js. This lib can create pdf in the browser (or serverside on node.js).


Using chrome you can print the page to a pdf file.

You need something like this, maybe server-side you can start a browser and print the content to a pdf file and send this to the client.


Disclaimer: i work for ByteScout

If you have simple HTML formatting and want to generate PDF on client side and if you have non-commercial project, check BytescoutPDF.js - it supports simple HTML formatting for text (font name, size, color) plus simple drawings and images, should be enough for simple reports

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