I'm working on a library to provide simple reliable communication over an RS232 or RS485 connection. Part of this code involves using a CRC16 checksum on the data to detect corruption from line noise. I've created a function to calculate a CRC16 checksum, but it doesn't seem to be outputting correct values.

The relevant code I've written is below (it can also be found here).

#include <stdint.h>

#define CRC16 0x8005

uint16_t gen_crc16(const uint8_t *data, uint16_t size)
    uint16_t out = 0;
    int bits_read = 0, bit_flag;

    /* Sanity check: */
    if(data == NULL)
        return 0;

    while(size > 0)
        bit_flag = out >> 15;

        /* Get next bit: */
        out <<= 1;
        out |= (*data >> (7 - bits_read)) & 1;

        /* Increment bit counter: */
        if(bits_read > 7)
            bits_read = 0;

        /* Cycle check: */
            out ^= CRC16;

    return out;

I'm checking my output against this online CRC calculator.

I've come to the conclusion that either my understanding of how to calculate a CRC16 is wrong, or the online calculator is wrong (the former seems more likely). Can someone tell me where I might be going wrong?

  • See also my question stackoverflow.com/questions/4455257/… which was based on the same online calculator, and includes a handy matrix table comparing the various formulas. Apr 17, 2014 at 3:37
  • Don't use any of the bitwise code posted here. Use the table-driven algorithm. It is 8 times as fast.
    – user207421
    Dec 10, 2016 at 1:17

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There are several details you need to 'match up' with for a particular CRC implementation - even using the same polynomial there can be different results because of minor differences in how data bits are handled, using a particular initial value for the CRC (sometimes it's zero, sometimes 0xffff), and/or inverting the bits of the CRC. For example, sometimes one implementation will work from the low order bits of the data bytes up, while sometimes they'll work from the high order bits down (as yours currently does).

Also, you need to 'push out' the last bits of the CRC after you've run all the data bits through.

Keep in mind that CRC algorithms were designed to be implemented in hardware, so some of how bit ordering is handled may not make so much sense from a software point of view.

If you want to match the CRC16 with polynomial 0x8005 as shown on the lammertbies.nl CRC calculator page, you need to make the following changes to your CRC function:

  • a) run the data bits through the CRC loop starting from the least significant bit instead of from the most significant bit
  • b) push the last 16 bits of the CRC out of the CRC register after you've finished with the input data
  • c) reverse the CRC bits (I'm guessing this bit is a carry over from hardware implementations)

So, your function might look like:

#define CRC16 0x8005

uint16_t gen_crc16(const uint8_t *data, uint16_t size)
    uint16_t out = 0;
    int bits_read = 0, bit_flag;

    /* Sanity check: */
    if(data == NULL)
        return 0;

    while(size > 0)
        bit_flag = out >> 15;

        /* Get next bit: */
        out <<= 1;
        out |= (*data >> bits_read) & 1; // item a) work from the least significant bits

        /* Increment bit counter: */
        if(bits_read > 7)
            bits_read = 0;

        /* Cycle check: */
            out ^= CRC16;


    // item b) "push out" the last 16 bits
    int i;
    for (i = 0; i < 16; ++i) {
        bit_flag = out >> 15;
        out <<= 1;
            out ^= CRC16;

    // item c) reverse the bits
    uint16_t crc = 0;
    i = 0x8000;
    int j = 0x0001;
    for (; i != 0; i >>=1, j <<= 1) {
        if (i & out) crc |= j;

    return crc;

That function returns 0xbb3d for me when I pass in "123456789".

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    I completely forgot about "pushing out" the last 16 bits. I can't believe I didn't catch that. As for the bit reversing... it probably would've taken me forever to figure that out. Thanks. May 13, 2012 at 18:52
  • 1
    This file will require a define in above this function #define CRC16 0x8005 based on the question code. gist.github.com/jlamothe/2666368 Nov 11, 2013 at 1:57
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    This implementation only works in 32 or 64 bit integer environments. If sizeof(int) == 2, this fails. Change the type of i from int to uint16_t.
    – Clay
    Apr 17, 2017 at 15:59
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    That is a truly awful implementation. The exact same CRC can be computed far more elegantly and efficiently, even when done bit-wise. Thusly: uint16_t crc16(uint8_t const *data, size_t size) { uint16_t crc = 0; while (size--) { crc ^= *data++; for (unsigned k = 0; k < 8; k++) crc = crc & 1 ? (crc >> 1) ^ 0xa001 : crc >> 1; } return crc; }
    – Mark Adler
    Jan 20, 2018 at 16:53
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    @PipeSoto The CRC is bit-reversed, so for an efficient implementation, the polynomial is bit-reversed (instead of the alternative, which would be to bit reverse all of the input and the result). 0xa001 is 0x8005 reversed.
    – Mark Adler
    Dec 19, 2019 at 19:11

Here follows a working code to calculate crc16 CCITT. I tested it and the results matched with those provided by http://www.lammertbies.nl/comm/info/crc-calculation.html.

unsigned short crc16(const unsigned char* data_p, unsigned char length){
    unsigned char x;
    unsigned short crc = 0xFFFF;

    while (length--){
        x = crc >> 8 ^ *data_p++;
        x ^= x>>4;
        crc = (crc << 8) ^ ((unsigned short)(x << 12)) ^ ((unsigned short)(x <<5)) ^ ((unsigned short)x);
    return crc;
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    CRC-16-CCITT (poly 0x1021) is the most common CRC-16 and most well-proven in use, so I'd recommend to use this one. For example, this is the CRC you'll find inside microcontrollers with built-in CRC calculators.
    – Lundin
    Jan 11, 2016 at 7:57
  • Two things: You might find some CRC-CCITT implementations expecting an initial crc value of 0x1D0F to match test vectors. Secondly, unsigned short only guarantees at least 16 bits, which is normative, but could be wider. So I'd suggest a final crc &= 0xffff; And with that, you don't need the (unsigned short) casts in the last line of the loop, and wider types should work fine.
    – Brett Hale
    Nov 1, 2016 at 15:03
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    This routine doesn't work... It does give the correct answer for short strings such as "123456789" but doesn't give correct answers for longer strings (in my case a 260 byte binary).
    – Richard
    Mar 11, 2017 at 16:10
  • 4
    @Richard: 260 is too big to fit in the unsigned char length parameter. Changing the type of that parameter to unsigned short should fix it: unsigned short crc16(const unsigned char* data_p, unsigned short length).
    – Léo
    Mar 24, 2017 at 14:28
  • 3
    This algorithm is close to CCITT but wrong. Please see the test strings at srecord.sourceforge.net/crc16-ccitt.html Nov 28, 2018 at 14:25

crcany will generate efficient C code for any CRC, and includes a library of over one hundred known CRC definitions.

Efficient CRC code uses tables instead of bit-wise calculations. crcany generates both byte-wise routines and word-wise routines, the latter tuned to the architecture they are generated on. Word-wise is the fastest. Byte-wise is still much faster than bit-wise, but the implementation is more easily portable over architectures.

You do not seem to have a protocol definition with a specific CRC definition that you need to match. In this case, you can pick any 16-bit CRC in the catalog, and you will get good performance.

If you have a relatively low bit error rate, e.g. single digit number of errors per packet, and you want to maximize your error detection performance, you would need to look at the packet size you are applying the CRC to, assuming that that is constant or bounded, and look at the performance of the best polynomials in Philip Koopman's extensive research. The classic CRCs, such as the CCITT/Kermit 16-bit CRC or the X.25 16-bit CRC are not the best performers.

One of the good 16-bit performers in Koopman's tables that is also in the catalog of CRCs used in practice is CRC-16/DNP. It has very good performance detecting up to 6-bit errors in a packet. Following is the code generated by crcany for that CRC definition. This code assumes a little-endian architecture for the word-wise calculation, e.g. Intel x86 and x86-64, and it assumes that uintmax_t is 64 bits. crcany can be used to generate alternative code for big-endian and other word sizes.


// The _bit, _byte, and _word routines return the CRC of the len bytes at mem,
// applied to the previous CRC value, crc. If mem is NULL, then the other
// arguments are ignored, and the initial CRC, i.e. the CRC of zero bytes, is
// returned. Those routines will all return the same result, differing only in
// speed and code complexity. The _rem routine returns the CRC of the remaining
// bits in the last byte, for when the number of bits in the message is not a
// multiple of eight. The low bits bits of the low byte of val are applied to
// crc. bits must be in 0..8.

#include <stddef.h>

// Compute the CRC a bit at a time.
unsigned crc16dnp_bit(unsigned crc, void const *mem, size_t len);

// Compute the CRC of the low bits bits in val.
unsigned crc16dnp_rem(unsigned crc, unsigned val, unsigned bits);

// Compute the CRC a byte at a time.
unsigned crc16dnp_byte(unsigned crc, void const *mem, size_t len);

// Compute the CRC a word at a time.
unsigned crc16dnp_word(unsigned crc, void const *mem, size_t len);


#include <stdint.h>
#include "crc16dnp.h"

// This code assumes that unsigned is 4 bytes.

unsigned crc16dnp_bit(unsigned crc, void const *mem, size_t len) {
    unsigned char const *data = mem;
    if (data == NULL)
        return 0xffff;
    crc = ~crc;
    crc &= 0xffff;
    while (len--) {
        crc ^= *data++;
        for (unsigned k = 0; k < 8; k++)
            crc = crc & 1 ? (crc >> 1) ^ 0xa6bc : crc >> 1;
    crc ^= 0xffff;
    return crc;

unsigned crc16dnp_rem(unsigned crc, unsigned val, unsigned bits) {
    crc = ~crc;
    crc &= 0xffff;
    val &= (1U << bits) - 1;
    crc ^= val;
    while (bits--)
        crc = crc & 1 ? (crc >> 1) ^ 0xa6bc : crc >> 1;
    crc ^= 0xffff;
    return crc;

#define table_byte table_word[0]

static unsigned short const table_word[][256] = {
   {0xed35, 0xdb6b, 0x8189, 0xb7d7, 0x344d, 0x0213, 0x58f1, 0x6eaf, 0x12bc, 0x24e2,
    0x7e00, 0x485e, 0xcbc4, 0xfd9a, 0xa778, 0x9126, 0x5f5e, 0x6900, 0x33e2, 0x05bc,
    0x8626, 0xb078, 0xea9a, 0xdcc4, 0xa0d7, 0x9689, 0xcc6b, 0xfa35, 0x79af, 0x4ff1,
    0x1513, 0x234d, 0xc49a, 0xf2c4, 0xa826, 0x9e78, 0x1de2, 0x2bbc, 0x715e, 0x4700,
    0x3b13, 0x0d4d, 0x57af, 0x61f1, 0xe26b, 0xd435, 0x8ed7, 0xb889, 0x76f1, 0x40af,
    0x1a4d, 0x2c13, 0xaf89, 0x99d7, 0xc335, 0xf56b, 0x8978, 0xbf26, 0xe5c4, 0xd39a,
    0x5000, 0x665e, 0x3cbc, 0x0ae2, 0xbe6b, 0x8835, 0xd2d7, 0xe489, 0x6713, 0x514d,
    0x0baf, 0x3df1, 0x41e2, 0x77bc, 0x2d5e, 0x1b00, 0x989a, 0xaec4, 0xf426, 0xc278,
    0x0c00, 0x3a5e, 0x60bc, 0x56e2, 0xd578, 0xe326, 0xb9c4, 0x8f9a, 0xf389, 0xc5d7,
    0x9f35, 0xa96b, 0x2af1, 0x1caf, 0x464d, 0x7013, 0x97c4, 0xa19a, 0xfb78, 0xcd26,
    0x4ebc, 0x78e2, 0x2200, 0x145e, 0x684d, 0x5e13, 0x04f1, 0x32af, 0xb135, 0x876b,
    0xdd89, 0xebd7, 0x25af, 0x13f1, 0x4913, 0x7f4d, 0xfcd7, 0xca89, 0x906b, 0xa635,
    0xda26, 0xec78, 0xb69a, 0x80c4, 0x035e, 0x3500, 0x6fe2, 0x59bc, 0x4b89, 0x7dd7,
    0x2735, 0x116b, 0x92f1, 0xa4af, 0xfe4d, 0xc813, 0xb400, 0x825e, 0xd8bc, 0xeee2,
    0x6d78, 0x5b26, 0x01c4, 0x379a, 0xf9e2, 0xcfbc, 0x955e, 0xa300, 0x209a, 0x16c4,
    0x4c26, 0x7a78, 0x066b, 0x3035, 0x6ad7, 0x5c89, 0xdf13, 0xe94d, 0xb3af, 0x85f1,
    0x6226, 0x5478, 0x0e9a, 0x38c4, 0xbb5e, 0x8d00, 0xd7e2, 0xe1bc, 0x9daf, 0xabf1,
    0xf113, 0xc74d, 0x44d7, 0x7289, 0x286b, 0x1e35, 0xd04d, 0xe613, 0xbcf1, 0x8aaf,
    0x0935, 0x3f6b, 0x6589, 0x53d7, 0x2fc4, 0x199a, 0x4378, 0x7526, 0xf6bc, 0xc0e2,
    0x9a00, 0xac5e, 0x18d7, 0x2e89, 0x746b, 0x4235, 0xc1af, 0xf7f1, 0xad13, 0x9b4d,
    0xe75e, 0xd100, 0x8be2, 0xbdbc, 0x3e26, 0x0878, 0x529a, 0x64c4, 0xaabc, 0x9ce2,
    0xc600, 0xf05e, 0x73c4, 0x459a, 0x1f78, 0x2926, 0x5535, 0x636b, 0x3989, 0x0fd7,
    0x8c4d, 0xba13, 0xe0f1, 0xd6af, 0x3178, 0x0726, 0x5dc4, 0x6b9a, 0xe800, 0xde5e,
    0x84bc, 0xb2e2, 0xcef1, 0xf8af, 0xa24d, 0x9413, 0x1789, 0x21d7, 0x7b35, 0x4d6b,
    0x8313, 0xb54d, 0xefaf, 0xd9f1, 0x5a6b, 0x6c35, 0x36d7, 0x0089, 0x7c9a, 0x4ac4,
    0x1026, 0x2678, 0xa5e2, 0x93bc, 0xc95e, 0xff00},
   {0x740f, 0xdf41, 0x6fea, 0xc4a4, 0x43c5, 0xe88b, 0x5820, 0xf36e, 0x1b9b, 0xb0d5,
    0x007e, 0xab30, 0x2c51, 0x871f, 0x37b4, 0x9cfa, 0xab27, 0x0069, 0xb0c2, 0x1b8c,
    0x9ced, 0x37a3, 0x8708, 0x2c46, 0xc4b3, 0x6ffd, 0xdf56, 0x7418, 0xf379, 0x5837,
    0xe89c, 0x43d2, 0x8726, 0x2c68, 0x9cc3, 0x378d, 0xb0ec, 0x1ba2, 0xab09, 0x0047,
    0xe8b2, 0x43fc, 0xf357, 0x5819, 0xdf78, 0x7436, 0xc49d, 0x6fd3, 0x580e, 0xf340,
    0x43eb, 0xe8a5, 0x6fc4, 0xc48a, 0x7421, 0xdf6f, 0x379a, 0x9cd4, 0x2c7f, 0x8731,
    0x0050, 0xab1e, 0x1bb5, 0xb0fb, 0xdf24, 0x746a, 0xc4c1, 0x6f8f, 0xe8ee, 0x43a0,
    0xf30b, 0x5845, 0xb0b0, 0x1bfe, 0xab55, 0x001b, 0x877a, 0x2c34, 0x9c9f, 0x37d1,
    0x000c, 0xab42, 0x1be9, 0xb0a7, 0x37c6, 0x9c88, 0x2c23, 0x876d, 0x6f98, 0xc4d6,
    0x747d, 0xdf33, 0x5852, 0xf31c, 0x43b7, 0xe8f9, 0x2c0d, 0x8743, 0x37e8, 0x9ca6,
    0x1bc7, 0xb089, 0x0022, 0xab6c, 0x4399, 0xe8d7, 0x587c, 0xf332, 0x7453, 0xdf1d,
    0x6fb6, 0xc4f8, 0xf325, 0x586b, 0xe8c0, 0x438e, 0xc4ef, 0x6fa1, 0xdf0a, 0x7444,
    0x9cb1, 0x37ff, 0x8754, 0x2c1a, 0xab7b, 0x0035, 0xb09e, 0x1bd0, 0x6f20, 0xc46e,
    0x74c5, 0xdf8b, 0x58ea, 0xf3a4, 0x430f, 0xe841, 0x00b4, 0xabfa, 0x1b51, 0xb01f,
    0x377e, 0x9c30, 0x2c9b, 0x87d5, 0xb008, 0x1b46, 0xabed, 0x00a3, 0x87c2, 0x2c8c,
    0x9c27, 0x3769, 0xdf9c, 0x74d2, 0xc479, 0x6f37, 0xe856, 0x4318, 0xf3b3, 0x58fd,
    0x9c09, 0x3747, 0x87ec, 0x2ca2, 0xabc3, 0x008d, 0xb026, 0x1b68, 0xf39d, 0x58d3,
    0xe878, 0x4336, 0xc457, 0x6f19, 0xdfb2, 0x74fc, 0x4321, 0xe86f, 0x58c4, 0xf38a,
    0x74eb, 0xdfa5, 0x6f0e, 0xc440, 0x2cb5, 0x87fb, 0x3750, 0x9c1e, 0x1b7f, 0xb031,
    0x009a, 0xabd4, 0xc40b, 0x6f45, 0xdfee, 0x74a0, 0xf3c1, 0x588f, 0xe824, 0x436a,
    0xab9f, 0x00d1, 0xb07a, 0x1b34, 0x9c55, 0x371b, 0x87b0, 0x2cfe, 0x1b23, 0xb06d,
    0x00c6, 0xab88, 0x2ce9, 0x87a7, 0x370c, 0x9c42, 0x74b7, 0xdff9, 0x6f52, 0xc41c,
    0x437d, 0xe833, 0x5898, 0xf3d6, 0x3722, 0x9c6c, 0x2cc7, 0x8789, 0x00e8, 0xaba6,
    0x1b0d, 0xb043, 0x58b6, 0xf3f8, 0x4353, 0xe81d, 0x6f7c, 0xc432, 0x7499, 0xdfd7,
    0xe80a, 0x4344, 0xf3ef, 0x58a1, 0xdfc0, 0x748e, 0xc425, 0x6f6b, 0x879e, 0x2cd0,
    0x9c7b, 0x3735, 0xb054, 0x1b1a, 0xabb1, 0x00ff},
   {0x7c67, 0x65df, 0x4f17, 0x56af, 0x1a87, 0x033f, 0x29f7, 0x304f, 0xb1a7, 0xa81f,
    0x82d7, 0x9b6f, 0xd747, 0xceff, 0xe437, 0xfd8f, 0xaa9e, 0xb326, 0x99ee, 0x8056,
    0xcc7e, 0xd5c6, 0xff0e, 0xe6b6, 0x675e, 0x7ee6, 0x542e, 0x4d96, 0x01be, 0x1806,
    0x32ce, 0x2b76, 0x9cec, 0x8554, 0xaf9c, 0xb624, 0xfa0c, 0xe3b4, 0xc97c, 0xd0c4,
    0x512c, 0x4894, 0x625c, 0x7be4, 0x37cc, 0x2e74, 0x04bc, 0x1d04, 0x4a15, 0x53ad,
    0x7965, 0x60dd, 0x2cf5, 0x354d, 0x1f85, 0x063d, 0x87d5, 0x9e6d, 0xb4a5, 0xad1d,
    0xe135, 0xf88d, 0xd245, 0xcbfd, 0xf008, 0xe9b0, 0xc378, 0xdac0, 0x96e8, 0x8f50,
    0xa598, 0xbc20, 0x3dc8, 0x2470, 0x0eb8, 0x1700, 0x5b28, 0x4290, 0x6858, 0x71e0,
    0x26f1, 0x3f49, 0x1581, 0x0c39, 0x4011, 0x59a9, 0x7361, 0x6ad9, 0xeb31, 0xf289,
    0xd841, 0xc1f9, 0x8dd1, 0x9469, 0xbea1, 0xa719, 0x1083, 0x093b, 0x23f3, 0x3a4b,
    0x7663, 0x6fdb, 0x4513, 0x5cab, 0xdd43, 0xc4fb, 0xee33, 0xf78b, 0xbba3, 0xa21b,
    0x88d3, 0x916b, 0xc67a, 0xdfc2, 0xf50a, 0xecb2, 0xa09a, 0xb922, 0x93ea, 0x8a52,
    0x0bba, 0x1202, 0x38ca, 0x2172, 0x6d5a, 0x74e2, 0x5e2a, 0x4792, 0x29c0, 0x3078,
    0x1ab0, 0x0308, 0x4f20, 0x5698, 0x7c50, 0x65e8, 0xe400, 0xfdb8, 0xd770, 0xcec8,
    0x82e0, 0x9b58, 0xb190, 0xa828, 0xff39, 0xe681, 0xcc49, 0xd5f1, 0x99d9, 0x8061,
    0xaaa9, 0xb311, 0x32f9, 0x2b41, 0x0189, 0x1831, 0x5419, 0x4da1, 0x6769, 0x7ed1,
    0xc94b, 0xd0f3, 0xfa3b, 0xe383, 0xafab, 0xb613, 0x9cdb, 0x8563, 0x048b, 0x1d33,
    0x37fb, 0x2e43, 0x626b, 0x7bd3, 0x511b, 0x48a3, 0x1fb2, 0x060a, 0x2cc2, 0x357a,
    0x7952, 0x60ea, 0x4a22, 0x539a, 0xd272, 0xcbca, 0xe102, 0xf8ba, 0xb492, 0xad2a,
    0x87e2, 0x9e5a, 0xa5af, 0xbc17, 0x96df, 0x8f67, 0xc34f, 0xdaf7, 0xf03f, 0xe987,
    0x686f, 0x71d7, 0x5b1f, 0x42a7, 0x0e8f, 0x1737, 0x3dff, 0x2447, 0x7356, 0x6aee,
    0x4026, 0x599e, 0x15b6, 0x0c0e, 0x26c6, 0x3f7e, 0xbe96, 0xa72e, 0x8de6, 0x945e,
    0xd876, 0xc1ce, 0xeb06, 0xf2be, 0x4524, 0x5c9c, 0x7654, 0x6fec, 0x23c4, 0x3a7c,
    0x10b4, 0x090c, 0x88e4, 0x915c, 0xbb94, 0xa22c, 0xee04, 0xf7bc, 0xdd74, 0xc4cc,
    0x93dd, 0x8a65, 0xa0ad, 0xb915, 0xf53d, 0xec85, 0xc64d, 0xdff5, 0x5e1d, 0x47a5,
    0x6d6d, 0x74d5, 0x38fd, 0x2145, 0x0b8d, 0x1235},
   {0xf917, 0x3bff, 0x31be, 0xf356, 0x253c, 0xe7d4, 0xed95, 0x2f7d, 0x0c38, 0xced0,
    0xc491, 0x0679, 0xd013, 0x12fb, 0x18ba, 0xda52, 0x5e30, 0x9cd8, 0x9699, 0x5471,
    0x821b, 0x40f3, 0x4ab2, 0x885a, 0xab1f, 0x69f7, 0x63b6, 0xa15e, 0x7734, 0xb5dc,
    0xbf9d, 0x7d75, 0xfa20, 0x38c8, 0x3289, 0xf061, 0x260b, 0xe4e3, 0xeea2, 0x2c4a,
    0x0f0f, 0xcde7, 0xc7a6, 0x054e, 0xd324, 0x11cc, 0x1b8d, 0xd965, 0x5d07, 0x9fef,
    0x95ae, 0x5746, 0x812c, 0x43c4, 0x4985, 0x8b6d, 0xa828, 0x6ac0, 0x6081, 0xa269,
    0x7403, 0xb6eb, 0xbcaa, 0x7e42, 0xff79, 0x3d91, 0x37d0, 0xf538, 0x2352, 0xe1ba,
    0xebfb, 0x2913, 0x0a56, 0xc8be, 0xc2ff, 0x0017, 0xd67d, 0x1495, 0x1ed4, 0xdc3c,
    0x585e, 0x9ab6, 0x90f7, 0x521f, 0x8475, 0x469d, 0x4cdc, 0x8e34, 0xad71, 0x6f99,
    0x65d8, 0xa730, 0x715a, 0xb3b2, 0xb9f3, 0x7b1b, 0xfc4e, 0x3ea6, 0x34e7, 0xf60f,
    0x2065, 0xe28d, 0xe8cc, 0x2a24, 0x0961, 0xcb89, 0xc1c8, 0x0320, 0xd54a, 0x17a2,
    0x1de3, 0xdf0b, 0x5b69, 0x9981, 0x93c0, 0x5128, 0x8742, 0x45aa, 0x4feb, 0x8d03,
    0xae46, 0x6cae, 0x66ef, 0xa407, 0x726d, 0xb085, 0xbac4, 0x782c, 0xf5cb, 0x3723,
    0x3d62, 0xff8a, 0x29e0, 0xeb08, 0xe149, 0x23a1, 0x00e4, 0xc20c, 0xc84d, 0x0aa5,
    0xdccf, 0x1e27, 0x1466, 0xd68e, 0x52ec, 0x9004, 0x9a45, 0x58ad, 0x8ec7, 0x4c2f,
    0x466e, 0x8486, 0xa7c3, 0x652b, 0x6f6a, 0xad82, 0x7be8, 0xb900, 0xb341, 0x71a9,
    0xf6fc, 0x3414, 0x3e55, 0xfcbd, 0x2ad7, 0xe83f, 0xe27e, 0x2096, 0x03d3, 0xc13b,
    0xcb7a, 0x0992, 0xdff8, 0x1d10, 0x1751, 0xd5b9, 0x51db, 0x9333, 0x9972, 0x5b9a,
    0x8df0, 0x4f18, 0x4559, 0x87b1, 0xa4f4, 0x661c, 0x6c5d, 0xaeb5, 0x78df, 0xba37,
    0xb076, 0x729e, 0xf3a5, 0x314d, 0x3b0c, 0xf9e4, 0x2f8e, 0xed66, 0xe727, 0x25cf,
    0x068a, 0xc462, 0xce23, 0x0ccb, 0xdaa1, 0x1849, 0x1208, 0xd0e0, 0x5482, 0x966a,
    0x9c2b, 0x5ec3, 0x88a9, 0x4a41, 0x4000, 0x82e8, 0xa1ad, 0x6345, 0x6904, 0xabec,
    0x7d86, 0xbf6e, 0xb52f, 0x77c7, 0xf092, 0x327a, 0x383b, 0xfad3, 0x2cb9, 0xee51,
    0xe410, 0x26f8, 0x05bd, 0xc755, 0xcd14, 0x0ffc, 0xd996, 0x1b7e, 0x113f, 0xd3d7,
    0x57b5, 0x955d, 0x9f1c, 0x5df4, 0x8b9e, 0x4976, 0x4337, 0x81df, 0xa29a, 0x6072,
    0x6a33, 0xa8db, 0x7eb1, 0xbc59, 0xb618, 0x74f0},
   {0x3108, 0x120e, 0x7704, 0x5402, 0xbd10, 0x9e16, 0xfb1c, 0xd81a, 0x6441, 0x4747,
    0x224d, 0x014b, 0xe859, 0xcb5f, 0xae55, 0x8d53, 0x9b9a, 0xb89c, 0xdd96, 0xfe90,
    0x1782, 0x3484, 0x518e, 0x7288, 0xced3, 0xedd5, 0x88df, 0xabd9, 0x42cb, 0x61cd,
    0x04c7, 0x27c1, 0x2955, 0x0a53, 0x6f59, 0x4c5f, 0xa54d, 0x864b, 0xe341, 0xc047,
    0x7c1c, 0x5f1a, 0x3a10, 0x1916, 0xf004, 0xd302, 0xb608, 0x950e, 0x83c7, 0xa0c1,
    0xc5cb, 0xe6cd, 0x0fdf, 0x2cd9, 0x49d3, 0x6ad5, 0xd68e, 0xf588, 0x9082, 0xb384,
    0x5a96, 0x7990, 0x1c9a, 0x3f9c, 0x01b2, 0x22b4, 0x47be, 0x64b8, 0x8daa, 0xaeac,
    0xcba6, 0xe8a0, 0x54fb, 0x77fd, 0x12f7, 0x31f1, 0xd8e3, 0xfbe5, 0x9eef, 0xbde9,
    0xab20, 0x8826, 0xed2c, 0xce2a, 0x2738, 0x043e, 0x6134, 0x4232, 0xfe69, 0xdd6f,
    0xb865, 0x9b63, 0x7271, 0x5177, 0x347d, 0x177b, 0x19ef, 0x3ae9, 0x5fe3, 0x7ce5,
    0x95f7, 0xb6f1, 0xd3fb, 0xf0fd, 0x4ca6, 0x6fa0, 0x0aaa, 0x29ac, 0xc0be, 0xe3b8,
    0x86b2, 0xa5b4, 0xb37d, 0x907b, 0xf571, 0xd677, 0x3f65, 0x1c63, 0x7969, 0x5a6f,
    0xe634, 0xc532, 0xa038, 0x833e, 0x6a2c, 0x492a, 0x2c20, 0x0f26, 0x507c, 0x737a,
    0x1670, 0x3576, 0xdc64, 0xff62, 0x9a68, 0xb96e, 0x0535, 0x2633, 0x4339, 0x603f,
    0x892d, 0xaa2b, 0xcf21, 0xec27, 0xfaee, 0xd9e8, 0xbce2, 0x9fe4, 0x76f6, 0x55f0,
    0x30fa, 0x13fc, 0xafa7, 0x8ca1, 0xe9ab, 0xcaad, 0x23bf, 0x00b9, 0x65b3, 0x46b5,
    0x4821, 0x6b27, 0x0e2d, 0x2d2b, 0xc439, 0xe73f, 0x8235, 0xa133, 0x1d68, 0x3e6e,
    0x5b64, 0x7862, 0x9170, 0xb276, 0xd77c, 0xf47a, 0xe2b3, 0xc1b5, 0xa4bf, 0x87b9,
    0x6eab, 0x4dad, 0x28a7, 0x0ba1, 0xb7fa, 0x94fc, 0xf1f6, 0xd2f0, 0x3be2, 0x18e4,
    0x7dee, 0x5ee8, 0x60c6, 0x43c0, 0x26ca, 0x05cc, 0xecde, 0xcfd8, 0xaad2, 0x89d4,
    0x358f, 0x1689, 0x7383, 0x5085, 0xb997, 0x9a91, 0xff9b, 0xdc9d, 0xca54, 0xe952,
    0x8c58, 0xaf5e, 0x464c, 0x654a, 0x0040, 0x2346, 0x9f1d, 0xbc1b, 0xd911, 0xfa17,
    0x1305, 0x3003, 0x5509, 0x760f, 0x789b, 0x5b9d, 0x3e97, 0x1d91, 0xf483, 0xd785,
    0xb28f, 0x9189, 0x2dd2, 0x0ed4, 0x6bde, 0x48d8, 0xa1ca, 0x82cc, 0xe7c6, 0xc4c0,
    0xd209, 0xf10f, 0x9405, 0xb703, 0x5e11, 0x7d17, 0x181d, 0x3b1b, 0x8740, 0xa446,
    0xc14c, 0xe24a, 0x0b58, 0x285e, 0x4d54, 0x6e52},
   {0xffb8, 0x4a5f, 0xd90f, 0x6ce8, 0xb2d6, 0x0731, 0x9461, 0x2186, 0x6564, 0xd083,
    0x43d3, 0xf634, 0x280a, 0x9ded, 0x0ebd, 0xbb5a, 0x8779, 0x329e, 0xa1ce, 0x1429,
    0xca17, 0x7ff0, 0xeca0, 0x5947, 0x1da5, 0xa842, 0x3b12, 0x8ef5, 0x50cb, 0xe52c,
    0x767c, 0xc39b, 0x0e3a, 0xbbdd, 0x288d, 0x9d6a, 0x4354, 0xf6b3, 0x65e3, 0xd004,
    0x94e6, 0x2101, 0xb251, 0x07b6, 0xd988, 0x6c6f, 0xff3f, 0x4ad8, 0x76fb, 0xc31c,
    0x504c, 0xe5ab, 0x3b95, 0x8e72, 0x1d22, 0xa8c5, 0xec27, 0x59c0, 0xca90, 0x7f77,
    0xa149, 0x14ae, 0x87fe, 0x3219, 0x51c5, 0xe422, 0x7772, 0xc295, 0x1cab, 0xa94c,
    0x3a1c, 0x8ffb, 0xcb19, 0x7efe, 0xedae, 0x5849, 0x8677, 0x3390, 0xa0c0, 0x1527,
    0x2904, 0x9ce3, 0x0fb3, 0xba54, 0x646a, 0xd18d, 0x42dd, 0xf73a, 0xb3d8, 0x063f,
    0x956f, 0x2088, 0xfeb6, 0x4b51, 0xd801, 0x6de6, 0xa047, 0x15a0, 0x86f0, 0x3317,
    0xed29, 0x58ce, 0xcb9e, 0x7e79, 0x3a9b, 0x8f7c, 0x1c2c, 0xa9cb, 0x77f5, 0xc212,
    0x5142, 0xe4a5, 0xd886, 0x6d61, 0xfe31, 0x4bd6, 0x95e8, 0x200f, 0xb35f, 0x06b8,
    0x425a, 0xf7bd, 0x64ed, 0xd10a, 0x0f34, 0xbad3, 0x2983, 0x9c64, 0xee3b, 0x5bdc,
    0xc88c, 0x7d6b, 0xa355, 0x16b2, 0x85e2, 0x3005, 0x74e7, 0xc100, 0x5250, 0xe7b7,
    0x3989, 0x8c6e, 0x1f3e, 0xaad9, 0x96fa, 0x231d, 0xb04d, 0x05aa, 0xdb94, 0x6e73,
    0xfd23, 0x48c4, 0x0c26, 0xb9c1, 0x2a91, 0x9f76, 0x4148, 0xf4af, 0x67ff, 0xd218,
    0x1fb9, 0xaa5e, 0x390e, 0x8ce9, 0x52d7, 0xe730, 0x7460, 0xc187, 0x8565, 0x3082,
    0xa3d2, 0x1635, 0xc80b, 0x7dec, 0xeebc, 0x5b5b, 0x6778, 0xd29f, 0x41cf, 0xf428,
    0x2a16, 0x9ff1, 0x0ca1, 0xb946, 0xfda4, 0x4843, 0xdb13, 0x6ef4, 0xb0ca, 0x052d,
    0x967d, 0x239a, 0x4046, 0xf5a1, 0x66f1, 0xd316, 0x0d28, 0xb8cf, 0x2b9f, 0x9e78,
    0xda9a, 0x6f7d, 0xfc2d, 0x49ca, 0x97f4, 0x2213, 0xb143, 0x04a4, 0x3887, 0x8d60,
    0x1e30, 0xabd7, 0x75e9, 0xc00e, 0x535e, 0xe6b9, 0xa25b, 0x17bc, 0x84ec, 0x310b,
    0xef35, 0x5ad2, 0xc982, 0x7c65, 0xb1c4, 0x0423, 0x9773, 0x2294, 0xfcaa, 0x494d,
    0xda1d, 0x6ffa, 0x2b18, 0x9eff, 0x0daf, 0xb848, 0x6676, 0xd391, 0x40c1, 0xf526,
    0xc905, 0x7ce2, 0xefb2, 0x5a55, 0x846b, 0x318c, 0xa2dc, 0x173b, 0x53d9, 0xe63e,
    0x756e, 0xc089, 0x1eb7, 0xab50, 0x3800, 0x8de7},
   {0xc20e, 0x9d6c, 0x7cca, 0x23a8, 0xf2ff, 0xad9d, 0x4c3b, 0x1359, 0xa3ec, 0xfc8e,
    0x1d28, 0x424a, 0x931d, 0xcc7f, 0x2dd9, 0x72bb, 0x01ca, 0x5ea8, 0xbf0e, 0xe06c,
    0x313b, 0x6e59, 0x8fff, 0xd09d, 0x6028, 0x3f4a, 0xdeec, 0x818e, 0x50d9, 0x0fbb,
    0xee1d, 0xb17f, 0x08ff, 0x579d, 0xb63b, 0xe959, 0x380e, 0x676c, 0x86ca, 0xd9a8,
    0x691d, 0x367f, 0xd7d9, 0x88bb, 0x59ec, 0x068e, 0xe728, 0xb84a, 0xcb3b, 0x9459,
    0x75ff, 0x2a9d, 0xfbca, 0xa4a8, 0x450e, 0x1a6c, 0xaad9, 0xf5bb, 0x141d, 0x4b7f,
    0x9a28, 0xc54a, 0x24ec, 0x7b8e, 0x1a95, 0x45f7, 0xa451, 0xfb33, 0x2a64, 0x7506,
    0x94a0, 0xcbc2, 0x7b77, 0x2415, 0xc5b3, 0x9ad1, 0x4b86, 0x14e4, 0xf542, 0xaa20,
    0xd951, 0x8633, 0x6795, 0x38f7, 0xe9a0, 0xb6c2, 0x5764, 0x0806, 0xb8b3, 0xe7d1,
    0x0677, 0x5915, 0x8842, 0xd720, 0x3686, 0x69e4, 0xd064, 0x8f06, 0x6ea0, 0x31c2,
    0xe095, 0xbff7, 0x5e51, 0x0133, 0xb186, 0xeee4, 0x0f42, 0x5020, 0x8177, 0xde15,
    0x3fb3, 0x60d1, 0x13a0, 0x4cc2, 0xad64, 0xf206, 0x2351, 0x7c33, 0x9d95, 0xc2f7,
    0x7242, 0x2d20, 0xcc86, 0x93e4, 0x42b3, 0x1dd1, 0xfc77, 0xa315, 0x3e41, 0x6123,
    0x8085, 0xdfe7, 0x0eb0, 0x51d2, 0xb074, 0xef16, 0x5fa3, 0x00c1, 0xe167, 0xbe05,
    0x6f52, 0x3030, 0xd196, 0x8ef4, 0xfd85, 0xa2e7, 0x4341, 0x1c23, 0xcd74, 0x9216,
    0x73b0, 0x2cd2, 0x9c67, 0xc305, 0x22a3, 0x7dc1, 0xac96, 0xf3f4, 0x1252, 0x4d30,
    0xf4b0, 0xabd2, 0x4a74, 0x1516, 0xc441, 0x9b23, 0x7a85, 0x25e7, 0x9552, 0xca30,
    0x2b96, 0x74f4, 0xa5a3, 0xfac1, 0x1b67, 0x4405, 0x3774, 0x6816, 0x89b0, 0xd6d2,
    0x0785, 0x58e7, 0xb941, 0xe623, 0x5696, 0x09f4, 0xe852, 0xb730, 0x6667, 0x3905,
    0xd8a3, 0x87c1, 0xe6da, 0xb9b8, 0x581e, 0x077c, 0xd62b, 0x8949, 0x68ef, 0x378d,
    0x8738, 0xd85a, 0x39fc, 0x669e, 0xb7c9, 0xe8ab, 0x090d, 0x566f, 0x251e, 0x7a7c,
    0x9bda, 0xc4b8, 0x15ef, 0x4a8d, 0xab2b, 0xf449, 0x44fc, 0x1b9e, 0xfa38, 0xa55a,
    0x740d, 0x2b6f, 0xcac9, 0x95ab, 0x2c2b, 0x7349, 0x92ef, 0xcd8d, 0x1cda, 0x43b8,
    0xa21e, 0xfd7c, 0x4dc9, 0x12ab, 0xf30d, 0xac6f, 0x7d38, 0x225a, 0xc3fc, 0x9c9e,
    0xefef, 0xb08d, 0x512b, 0x0e49, 0xdf1e, 0x807c, 0x61da, 0x3eb8, 0x8e0d, 0xd16f,
    0x30c9, 0x6fab, 0xbefc, 0xe19e, 0x0038, 0x5f5a},
   {0x4a8f, 0x5c9d, 0x66ab, 0x70b9, 0x12c7, 0x04d5, 0x3ee3, 0x28f1, 0xfa1f, 0xec0d,
    0xd63b, 0xc029, 0xa257, 0xb445, 0x8e73, 0x9861, 0x66d6, 0x70c4, 0x4af2, 0x5ce0,
    0x3e9e, 0x288c, 0x12ba, 0x04a8, 0xd646, 0xc054, 0xfa62, 0xec70, 0x8e0e, 0x981c,
    0xa22a, 0xb438, 0x123d, 0x042f, 0x3e19, 0x280b, 0x4a75, 0x5c67, 0x6651, 0x7043,
    0xa2ad, 0xb4bf, 0x8e89, 0x989b, 0xfae5, 0xecf7, 0xd6c1, 0xc0d3, 0x3e64, 0x2876,
    0x1240, 0x0452, 0x662c, 0x703e, 0x4a08, 0x5c1a, 0x8ef4, 0x98e6, 0xa2d0, 0xb4c2,
    0xd6bc, 0xc0ae, 0xfa98, 0xec8a, 0xfbeb, 0xedf9, 0xd7cf, 0xc1dd, 0xa3a3, 0xb5b1,
    0x8f87, 0x9995, 0x4b7b, 0x5d69, 0x675f, 0x714d, 0x1333, 0x0521, 0x3f17, 0x2905,
    0xd7b2, 0xc1a0, 0xfb96, 0xed84, 0x8ffa, 0x99e8, 0xa3de, 0xb5cc, 0x6722, 0x7130,
    0x4b06, 0x5d14, 0x3f6a, 0x2978, 0x134e, 0x055c, 0xa359, 0xb54b, 0x8f7d, 0x996f,
    0xfb11, 0xed03, 0xd735, 0xc127, 0x13c9, 0x05db, 0x3fed, 0x29ff, 0x4b81, 0x5d93,
    0x67a5, 0x71b7, 0x8f00, 0x9912, 0xa324, 0xb536, 0xd748, 0xc15a, 0xfb6c, 0xed7e,
    0x3f90, 0x2982, 0x13b4, 0x05a6, 0x67d8, 0x71ca, 0x4bfc, 0x5dee, 0x653e, 0x732c,
    0x491a, 0x5f08, 0x3d76, 0x2b64, 0x1152, 0x0740, 0xd5ae, 0xc3bc, 0xf98a, 0xef98,
    0x8de6, 0x9bf4, 0xa1c2, 0xb7d0, 0x4967, 0x5f75, 0x6543, 0x7351, 0x112f, 0x073d,
    0x3d0b, 0x2b19, 0xf9f7, 0xefe5, 0xd5d3, 0xc3c1, 0xa1bf, 0xb7ad, 0x8d9b, 0x9b89,
    0x3d8c, 0x2b9e, 0x11a8, 0x07ba, 0x65c4, 0x73d6, 0x49e0, 0x5ff2, 0x8d1c, 0x9b0e,
    0xa138, 0xb72a, 0xd554, 0xc346, 0xf970, 0xef62, 0x11d5, 0x07c7, 0x3df1, 0x2be3,
    0x499d, 0x5f8f, 0x65b9, 0x73ab, 0xa145, 0xb757, 0x8d61, 0x9b73, 0xf90d, 0xef1f,
    0xd529, 0xc33b, 0xd45a, 0xc248, 0xf87e, 0xee6c, 0x8c12, 0x9a00, 0xa036, 0xb624,
    0x64ca, 0x72d8, 0x48ee, 0x5efc, 0x3c82, 0x2a90, 0x10a6, 0x06b4, 0xf803, 0xee11,
    0xd427, 0xc235, 0xa04b, 0xb659, 0x8c6f, 0x9a7d, 0x4893, 0x5e81, 0x64b7, 0x72a5,
    0x10db, 0x06c9, 0x3cff, 0x2aed, 0x8ce8, 0x9afa, 0xa0cc, 0xb6de, 0xd4a0, 0xc2b2,
    0xf884, 0xee96, 0x3c78, 0x2a6a, 0x105c, 0x064e, 0x6430, 0x7222, 0x4814, 0x5e06,
    0xa0b1, 0xb6a3, 0x8c95, 0x9a87, 0xf8f9, 0xeeeb, 0xd4dd, 0xc2cf, 0x1021, 0x0633,
    0x3c05, 0x2a17, 0x4869, 0x5e7b, 0x644d, 0x725f}

unsigned crc16dnp_byte(unsigned crc, void const *mem, size_t len) {
    unsigned char const *data = mem;
    if (data == NULL)
        return 0xffff;
    crc &= 0xffff;
    while (len--)
        crc = (crc >> 8) ^
              table_byte[(crc ^ *data++) & 0xff];
    return crc;

// This code assumes that integers are stored little-endian.

unsigned crc16dnp_word(unsigned crc, void const *mem, size_t len) {
    unsigned char const *data = mem;
    if (data == NULL)
        return 0xffff;
    crc &= 0xffff;
    while (len && ((ptrdiff_t)data & 0x7)) {
        crc = (crc >> 8) ^
              table_byte[(crc ^ *data++) & 0xff];
    if (len >= 8) {
        do {
            uintmax_t word = crc ^ *(uintmax_t const *)data;
            crc = table_word[7][word & 0xff] ^
                  table_word[6][(word >> 8) & 0xff] ^
                  table_word[5][(word >> 16) & 0xff] ^
                  table_word[4][(word >> 24) & 0xff] ^
                  table_word[3][(word >> 32) & 0xff] ^
                  table_word[2][(word >> 40) & 0xff] ^
                  table_word[1][(word >> 48) & 0xff] ^
                  table_word[0][word >> 56];
            data += 8;
            len -= 8;
        } while (len >= 8);
    while (len--)
        crc = (crc >> 8) ^
              table_byte[(crc ^ *data++) & 0xff];
    return crc;
  • My knowledge about CRC is very limited. I think that bitwise, bytewise and wordwise implementations return the same results. Right? If yes, how do, e.g., wordwise implementations handle data input, which is not a multiple of 4 bytes in a way that the result is still the same as of the bytewise implementation? May 14, 2018 at 13:36
  • 2
    Yes, they return the same results. They differ only in speed. If a word-wise implementation has 1, 2, or 3 bytes left over at the end after processing four bytes at a time, then those bytes are processed using the byte-wise algorithm.
    – Mark Adler
    May 14, 2018 at 15:22

There are several different varieties of CRC-16. See wiki page.

Every of those will return different results from the same input.

So you must carefully select correct one for your program.

for (pos = 0; pos < len; pos++) {
    crc ^= (uint16_t)buf[pos];     // XOR byte into least sig. byte of crc

    for (i = 8; i != 0; i--) {     // Loop over each bit
        if ((crc & 0x0001) != 0) { // If the LSB is set
            crc >>= 1;             // Shift right and XOR 0xA001
            crc ^= CRC16;
        } else {                   // Else LSB is not set
            crc >>= 1;             // Just shift right

return crc;
  • 1
    This works for CRC-16 for Modbus RTU, but it doesn't work for CRC-16-IBM (ANSI) with polynomial 0x8005. It's not enough to just put in 0x8005 for CRC16 here and it work (with initial CRC 0)
    – Gutblender
    Mar 28, 2022 at 22:56

I used the code example from: http://www.sunshine2k.de/articles/coding/crc/understanding_crc.html#ch5

And also this utility to verify: http://www.sunshine2k.de/coding/javascript/crc/crc_js.html


This function works for CRC-16 Modbus version. Not for CRC-16

  • Can you elaborate? What is the difference and what needs changing?
    – Hida
    May 12, 2020 at 13:04
  • 1
    The differences between CRC-16 and CRC-16 Modbus is the initial values. One of them is 0xFFFF, the other one is 0x0000
    – goethe94
    Jun 8, 2020 at 11:28

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