I developed a application using pubnub. Here I am trying to get list of subscribers of my application connected to the network currently(be in on line). I am using titanium frame work(JavaScript). Can any one tel me how to get this list of subscribers. thanks in advance.

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You are asking about how to get a list of active subscribers on a PubNub channel. This is easy to do by using the on "connect" Callback. You will supply an on "connect" function to be called when a new or existing user connects. When this occurs, you will relay this information to where it is needed on your end. I will show you some example code for Titanium:

    channel    : "hello_world",      // CONNECT TO THIS CHANNEL.
    callback   : function(message){} // RECEIVED A MESSAGE.
    connect    : function() {        // CONNECTION ESTABLISHED.
        // A new user or existing user has
        // connected.  Send details to your server.

        // ---------------------------------------
        // This is a psudo-code example function:
        // ---------------------------------------
        psudo_post_url( "http://www.mywebsite.com/pubnub-user-connected", {
            "user_id" : 123456789,
            "channel" : "hello_word"
        } );

You can take advantage of this on "connect" callback by sending the information you need to your app servers running in the cloud with Amazon EC2, Rackspace or a dedicated colo host.

Additional resources can be found in these links:

  1. https://help.pubnub.com/entries/21097426-how-do-i-list-users-connected-to-a-channel
  2. https://help.pubnub.com/entries/21118418-does-pubnub-provide-web-hooks
  3. https://help.pubnub.com/home
  • thanks from this method i got to know how many subscribers are online. But may I know how to get list of subscribers to a single channel, no matter whether they are online or offline. – thej May 15 '12 at 4:51

You can use PubNub Presence add-on. Specifically you want to use here_now function of the PubNub Titanium SDK.

  • Thanks.. I got answer a long back. – thej Dec 13 '12 at 10:01

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