I searched for lib for bluetooth programming in python and I found PyBluz but it is not compatible with Python 3. So is there any other free library for bluetooth programming compatible with Python 3?

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PyBluez now supports Python 3.

Like the other answers state, there is inbuilt support for Bluetooth in Python sockets (Python 3.3 and above). However, there is little to no documentation on how to actually use the sockets with Bluetooth. I wrote a brief tutorial so that I could refer back to it once I forget. You might find it useful.

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    Alas, the "AF_BLUETOOTH" option does not appear to be available on Windows. Most disappointing. My team has used PyBluez extensively and it works well if you have a compatible setup. The lack of maintenance is disappointing, but it's better than rolling our own. – John Crawford Jan 12 '15 at 18:59

On python 3.3 there is native support!! You can use bluetooth like a socket object



pybluez is now ported to python 3: http://code.google.com/p/pybluez/downloads/list



You can also use the socket class in python 3.3 to communicate with Bluetooth.
Here is a link to the documentation page

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