What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of the different gems providing Twitter Bootstrap's functionality to Rails? As of the time of writing this question, The Ruby Toolbox lists the following projects:

And even some others providing partial functionality (e.g. generating forms). How do these gems differ?

P.S. If appropriate, please write about each gem in a separate answer, so that each one can be voted for.


The gems use various ways of getting twitter bootstrap into your Rails app.

Quoted from an excellent blog post on the topic, Twitter Bootstrap, Less, and Sass: Understanding Your Options for Rails 3.1:

  • Using the original Less code via a Rails engine (less-rails-bootstrap or twitter-bootstrap-rails)
  • Copying in translated Sass code directly into your application (sass-twitter-bootstrap), or
  • Using a translated Sass version via a Rails engine (bootstrap-sass or bootstrap-rails).

Deciding which kind of approach you feel best about, will help you decide what gem to use.


I use anjlab-bootstrap-rails.

  • It has these benefits: Its development is very active.
  • They released the 3rd version recently which includes the latest twitter bootstrap 3.
  • It also works with rails4.
  • One important aspect of bootstrap3 was that the icons were migrated from .png to font files which is great.

In general I am pleased with it.


I've tried the anjlab-bootstrap-rails, because I've wanted to start a new prototype project with Bootstrap 3.0 RC1 and Rails 4.

I had some issues with turbolinks and the bootstrap javascript not working for dropdown component, used in the navbar.

After some search and some debugging, I could make it work moving the javascript include tag to head section of the html layout page.

A plus for this gem, is that it doesn't include the icons and you can choose any set you wish, like glyphicons or awesome-font, for example.

  • Are you still using this gem? – Alexander Suraphel Sep 30 '13 at 13:04
  • 1
    Yes, I still use it. It now works flawless. In my project, I use these two gems: gem 'anjlab-bootstrap-rails', :require => 'bootstrap-rails' gem 'bootstrap-glyphicons' – Fernando Vieira Oct 11 '13 at 13:45

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