So we have a large project and I use the intellij navigate to file cntrl+shift+n all the time. I don't know what happened but now when I try and use it - it can't find anything. I haven't recently installed any plugins or anything.

I've restarted intellij a couple times, checked the little filter icon to make sure I'm not filtering on anything...nothing seems to be working. Any ideas what I need to do to get it working again?


Try 11.1.2 build and File | Invalidate Caches. If it doesn't help, contact JetBrains support with a sample project to reproduce it.

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    Invalidating the cache worked great - thanks. Feel a bit sheepish for not trying that. – Uncle Iroh May 14 '12 at 18:02
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    Also worked for me invalidating the cache on Android Studio 2.3.3 – leon Sep 13 '17 at 10:08
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    "Invalidate the cache" worked for me on WebStorm 2017.2.5 – shaochuancs May 8 '18 at 2:37
  • "Invalidate the cache" worked for me on Intellij Community, thanks – Ibtissam Ibtissama Feb 18 '19 at 14:50

Also try to verify if some plugins are updated, and disable them to try if some of them is the problem. In my case it was: Apache config (.htaccess) support Version 131.61

  • Thanx! That was exactly the problem in my case (same plugin and same version)! – Bjarke Oct 17 '13 at 22:42
  • That was my problem too, with v. 172.35 – ira Aug 21 '17 at 6:52

Make sure your keymap is set to Default. You may be using different keymap, so go to File > Setting and search for Keymap. You can change it there.

  • Thanks , that's was my problem !! Solved – Igal Apr 6 '15 at 11:24

When you press Ctrl+Shift+N the Find Window will pop up, check the filter icon (on top right of the Find Window) on the search box and ensure that the file type you are looking for is checked.

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