I had a, lets say, deficient program design/architecture class in undergrad and thus am really struggling on how to design programs given a problem*. I was wondering if there was a set of resources (books, websites, etc) or problems(kind of like projecteuler.net)** or path to help me work on this deficiency.

I'm looking for resources/problems/etc to better learn design/architecture patterns within programming.

A great example: For my job, I have implemented an MVC framework in PHP(custom, because I want to learn). I needed to bake User management into this framework and am just struggling with the implementation (I understand to use the $_SESSION var, I just want to user management to be modular and flexible like the rest). This post is not intended to solve my user management issue. I know fixing the design issue will fix this naturally.

I've looked around these here forums and haven't seen any great list of resources to draw off of. If anyone has anything or point me to a post that I missed, feel free to point me there. I really appreciate any insight/help/resource/etc that might be pointed out to me.

*I am familiar and can work with OOP/MVC frameworks, not completely proficient but I can do it **ProjectEuler, where I am tends to be more functional than anything else. I'm slowly working towards integrating OOP etc. But my architecture skills in programming are terrible.

tl;dr: I'm looking for resources/problems/etc to better learn design/architecture patterns within programming.

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  • Not sure what the question is :S – Carlos Gavidia May 15 '12 at 17:09
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I'm not really sure what the question is, but if you are only looking for some resources, there is this a good book for architectures - Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler, with some parts available online.

Than there are GoF patterns summed up by Gamma.

Software architecture in practice can be useful too.

Some basic intro to architectures is in this paper, it's kinda old, but still valid...

Basically, GoF patterns, Enterprise patterns and GRASP are patterns you should be aware of...

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  • This is helpful. Thank you. I understand the concepts of OOP/MVC and can even produce programs that utilize their functions. I just struggle with designing them. I could be merging functional parts (user management, error handling, etc) of OOP/MVC/GRASP, etc with the overall architecture and design (the OOP/MVC, etc). Does that make sense? – lilott8 May 15 '12 at 18:21

I would start with Head First Design Patterns and the Architecture sections of Code Complete by Steve McConnell. I think those 2 are the best introductions to the concepts and then move into the other stuff.

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